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JeSsIcA (lilsweetie48) wrote,
@ 2004-04-10 23:42:00
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    Current mood: angry

    i thought since im oso bored ill do sumthin so i thought id do this..........hahah its long so....

    [ Legal stats ]
    your birth name:: Jessica Bernard
    ..but they call you::Jess
    D.O.B.:: 04/05/87
    gender:: female
    height:: 5'6 or 5'7 idk
    location:: Ghetto Ass Cocoa
    skin color/heritage::american and french
    eye color::brown
    hair color/:: brownish..
    career/occupation:: student
    sexuality:: straight
    politcal party:: ummm idk
    any unique I.D. marks/scars/tats/peircings::umm scar on muh leg from the swing haha and ears and soon to be tounge and belly
    which hand does the writing:: lefty
    marital status:: taken....
    cigerette smoker::nope
    college major/minor:: high school

    [ usefullness ]
    hobbies:: hangin out w/friends goin to the mall and beach u know normal teenage things
    sports/acitvities::umm use to do track but none now:(
    interests:: to many to name
    you speak:: english and french
    instuments played:: piano,violin,clarinet..but that was 930934 yrs ago

    [ usefullness rating 1-10 ]
    art skill:: 7
    writing skill:: 4
    strength:: 4
    charisma:: 3
    intelligence level:: 8
    creativity:: 5
    talent:: 5
    speed:: 6
    self-esteem:: 7
    musical skill:: 6
    ahtletic/sporty skill:: 9
    lazyness:: 10***
    hard-work/effort:: 3
    sense of time/direction:: 4
    teaching skill:: 3

    [ preference in music ]
    music styles:: everything xcept COUNTRY
    musician:: dunno
    band:: anything
    rapper:: dunno
    instrument:: ....
    favorite song to play:: .....
    song to dance to:: anything
    song to sing:: dk
    song of your relationship::hahaha idk
    song of your life:: dk
    radio station::101.1,101.9,95.1,106.7,107.1,105.9
    music video::dk

    [ Theatrical Preference ]
    genres::horror,action and chick flix
    actor:: johnny depp and collin farrel mmmm
    actress:: dont care
    play:: yeah like i watch plays
    tv sitcom::anything
    character:: dunno
    cartoon show:: family guy
    documentary show:: ?
    sports on tv::football and basketball
    game show::jepordy?

    [ Eating Preference ]
    resteraunt:: red lobster
    culture of meal:: chinese and mexican
    fast-food resteraunt:: chick-fil-a,and wendys
    meat:: chicken
    vegtable:: brocolli and cheese
    fruit:: strawberries
    dessert:: depends
    toppings/dressings:: ranch
    cereal:: cap-n-crunch berries fruity pebbles corn pops the list goes on cocoa puffs
    soda:: mnt dew
    other drink::chocolate milk in the carton at publix or koolaid
    junk food:: pretty much everything

    [ other Preference ]
    subject:: math
    place to shop:: pac sun,body shop,5-7-9,rave,soon to be hottopic cuz they gots hot clothes mmm
    book:: the child called it
    writer:: dont have one
    smell:: dunno?
    taste:: candy
    perfume/cologne scent::LiLu's muh new fav,tommy girl,clinque
    country:: USA
    magazine/newspaper:: teen,YM,seventeen,
    climate:: sunny and breezy
    animal:: dog

    [ first.../age when ]
    word:: no clue
    hobby:: barbies omg they were the best back then
    book/toy:: barbie car
    cigerette brand/age::marborol(cant spell)/16
    kiss/age:: 10 or 11
    first BFGF's (age)/age:: 6th grade/11?
    sexual encounter/age:: 16
    alchohaulic beverage/age ever::pina colada that mom makes/14
    brand of beer/age:: bud lite/13
    drug/age:: pills/15
    got drunk(on wat)/age::umm on shots and vodka/15
    significant cop trouble/age::dont member
    arrested or detained/age:: im a good gurl 0:-)
    fight/age:: actual fight? last yr in skool/16
    peircing,tattoo/age:: i got my ears pierced umm forget when
    pet/age::dogs missy and sasha/2 or 3
    funeral/age:: grammas :'( /14
    wedding/age::oo man soo long moms best friend tracy/7 or 8

    [ the good stuff preferences ]
    brand of cigerette:: dont smoke
    brand of beer::beer=BLAH
    brand of alchohaul::any
    type of alchohaul:: any
    type of drug:: no drugs
    bar:: to young
    drinking buddy:: ...

    [ experiences ]
    Best experience:: too many
    worst experience:: walkin in on my mom.....scarred for life
    scariest thing ever done:: "vandalizing"haha a truck and the people chasing after u
    stupidist thing ever done:: countless
    best birthday experience:: i was like 6 and i got everything i wanted
    worst birthday experience::dont member
    oddest thing ever purchased:: haha idk
    furthest ever from home(where) north carolina
    longest hangover:: lol...dunno
    time felt most loved:: now
    time felt most hated:: dk

    [ concepts & opinions ]
    racism:: annoying and stupid
    gay marriages:: its ok i guess
    vegitarians/vegans:: i dont care
    war:: scary and shouldnt happen but if they start with us then BOMB their asses
    republicans:: i dont know the difference yet lol
    democrats:: ^^^
    the american government:: umm bush is bein a jew so idk
    beggers/homeless:: soo sad
    strippers/harlots/prostitutes:: dum
    dominatrix::dont matter
    gun control:: dunno
    abortions:: bad....use one if u dont want a baby
    cosmetic surgery:: pointless
    love:: the best thing
    drugs:: bad
    child-abuse:: bad
    illigitament births:: sad
    cheating:: stupid and pointless
    the internet:: just to talk to people ok i guess
    pornography:: hahah

    [ other things we forgot ]
    how many people have you kissed:: umm .....
    how many have you gone out with:: to many to count
    how many people died in front of you::noone thank god
    longest time ever slept:: from ike 7pm-12pm
    weirdest way every slept:: ? head hangin off the bed
    earliest to ever wake:: 4
    longest ever stayed awake:: all night
    oddest way to wake up:: upside down
    weirdest reason to ever throw up:: takin medicine
    weirdest way to get hurt:: running into a wall
    most ever beat someone up:: ?
    flavor of ice cream:: cookie dough or cookies n cream
    how many car accidence have you been in:: 1 big one and like 2 small ones
    how many did you cause:: 0
    how many people have you hit with a car:: 0
    how many times have you been hit by a car:: 3
    how many people have you loved:: as in bf's?? 2

    1. Movie you rented: Freaky Friday
    2. Movie you bought: dont know
    3. Song you listened to: sum song off this cd
    4. Song you had stuck in your head:roses really smell like oooo oo o o o
    5. Song you've downloaded: yea yea yeahs??
    6. Person you've called: josh
    7. Person that called you: nicole
    8. Person you were thinking of:Austin...i miss him:'(

    1. You have a BF/GF?: yep
    2. You have a crush on someone?: not at the moment
    3. You wish you could live somewhere else?: occasionally
    4. You think about suicide?:.........
    5. You believe in online dating?: depends but its stupid
    6. You want more piercings?::3 more in the ears,tummy,tongue,and librate?(cant spell)
    7. You want more tattoos?: i want 1
    8. Do you like cleaning?: hahha no but if im in the mood then yea
    9. You write in cursive or print?: both
    10. You carry a donor card?: nope

    1. Food:everything
    2. Song: the reason~hoobastank
    3. Things to do: i like to do a lot of things
    4. Things to talk about: everything
    5. Sports: basketball
    6. Drinks: mmm of course MNT DEW!
    7. Movies: i have a lot
    8. Group/Singer: dunno
    9. Holiday: christmas
    10. Car: eclipse or spider

    1. Shampoo do you use: Pantene Pro-V, but i change all the time
    2. Perfume/Cologne::lilu and clinque
    3. Number of times I had my heart broken: alot
    4. Number of times i had broken a heart: 1 that i know of
    5. # of drugs taken illegally: none?

    Have you ever
    1. Been in love: am rite now
    2. Seen someone die: nope
    3. Drank alcohol: yep
    4. Ever cried over a girl/boy:yes and it sux
    5. Ever lied to someone: yea but i regret it
    6. Ever been arrested: almost

    With the opposite sex
    1. What do you notice first: eyes and ass
    2. Worst thing to say: not sure
    3. Who makes you laugh: anyone who tries
    4. Who makes you smile: ur mom.....jk ....austin
    5. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: everyone
    6. Has a crush on you:umm a couple people that i know of
    7. Easiest to talk to: austin,dan,bam

    Have you ever
    1. Stayed on AIM all day waiting for someone special to IM you? nope
    2. Saved AOL/AIM conversation:importnant ones yea
    3. Cried because of someone saying stuff about you?: yea
    4. Fallen for your best friend?: no but for a best friends bf yea
    5. Been rejected:umm....never asked anyone out but guy on a dare and he said yea
    6. Rejected someone?:yea
    7. Been cheated on: like a bajillion times by the same guy ~~ASSHOLE~

    Who was the last person
    1. you talked to: my mom
    2. You instant messaged:dennis
    3. You laughed with: austin

    Do you
    1. Color you hair: not nomore
    2. Ever get off the computer?: yea
    3. Habla espaniol?: si

    A - Age: 17
    B - Best Quality:idk
    C - Choice of Meat: chicken
    D - Dream Date: yeah
    E - Eats: too much
    F - Favorite Food: es cargot and wings
    G - Greatest Accomplishment: dunno
    H - Happiest Day of Your Life: dunno
    I - Internal Conflicts: dunno
    J - Jail Time: no
    K - Kool-Aid: anything but the grape kind
    L - Love: is the greatest thing
    M - Most Valued Thing I Own: soul
    N - Name: Jessica
    O - Outfit You Love:dunno
    P - Pizza Toppings: supreme
    Q - Question You Want To Ask: why is this sooo long?
    R - Road Trip: sure
    S - Sport To Watch: football and basket ball
    T - Television Show: whatever is on
    U - Unique Habit: haha i dunno
    V - Voice: off-pitch
    W - Winter: cold
    X - Xray?: ankle
    Y - Your Name If You'd Been Born The Opposite Sex: michael?
    Z - Zodiac Sign: Aries~~ yea the best i know

    this or that?:]
    1. Pierce your nose or tongue? tongue
    2. Be serious or be funny? depends what the situation is....but i like funny
    3. Boxers or briefs? boxers DERRR
    4. Whole or skim milk? whole
    5. Single or Taken? taken
    6. Simple or complicated? middle
    7. Law or anarchy? law
    8. Flowers or angels? angles
    9. Grey or gray? grey
    10. Read or write? write....
    11. Color or black-and-white photos? color
    12. Sunrise or sunset? sunset
    13. M&M's or Skittles? M&Ms
    14. Rap or rock? rock
    15. Stay up late or wake up late? stay up late
    16. TV or Radio? radio
    17. Is it POP or SODA? soda
    18. X or O in Tic-tac-toe? X
    20. Eat an apple or an orange? depends on my mood
    21. What came first the chicken or the egg? chicken
    22. Hot or Cold? cold
    23. ?
    24. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? taller than me
    25. Sun or moon? moon
    26. Emerald or ruby? emerald
    28. Left or right? left
    29. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
    30. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? vanilla
    31. High or Drunk? drunk
    32. Green beans or carrots? green beans
    33. Low fat or fat free? fat free
    34. Kids or no kids? kids
    35. Half empty or half full? half empty
    36. Mustard or ketchup? mustard
    37. Hard cover books or soft cover books? soft cover books
    38. Newspaper or magazine? magazines
    39. Sandals or sneakers? flip flops
    40. Wonder or amazement? amazement
    41. Red car or white car? red
    42. Happy and poor or sad and rich?happy and poor
    43. Singing or dancing? dancing
    44. Hugging or Kissing? hmmm hugging
    45. Corduroy or plaid? Corduroy is funny. so is plaid
    46. Happy or sad? happy
    47. Purple or green? purple
    48. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? hmmmm depends who its with

    [last time you:]
    Really Smiled: last nite when austin was here
    Cried: friday nite
    Were sarcastic:im always sarcastic soo idk
    Watched your favorite movie: dont member
    Had a nightmare: last nite

    [last time for everything..: ]
    Last book you read: the child called it
    Last song you heard: sum song on this cd
    Last thing you had to drink: mnt dew
    Last time you showered: tonite
    Last thing you ate: pringles chips

    [thoughts on fashion:]
    1. Do you wear a watch: no
    2. How many coats and jackets do you own: 3
    3. Most expensive item you've bought: a belt for $44
    4. What kind of shoes do you wear?: flip flops

    [about your friends:]
    1. Do your friends 'know' you: sum do
    2. How are you with your friends: depends who it is
    3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked: dunno
    4. Are there people that you tell everything to: austin and used to shauna but i learned my lesson hehe

    [opinions on music:]
    1. Favorite singer/band ever: dont have one
    2. Most listened to singer/band: ill nino
    3. Do you find any musicians good looking: yeah
    4. Can you play an instrument: piano,violin and clarinet
    5. Type never listened to: country

    [other stuff:]
    1. Do you own any plaid clothing: i think so
    2. Do you own Converse shoes: no
    3. Do you own Saucony shoes: nope
    4. Do you own old school Nikes: nope
    5. Do you wear tight pants: yeah
    6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants: on a few
    7. Do you own a messenger bag: no
    8. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest? i dont wear my messenger bag

    [are you...:]
    ~A Vegetarian?: no
    ~A Good Student?: i am now
    ~A Good Driver?: umm i think
    ~Good At Sports?: yea
    ~A Good Singer?: i suck
    ~A good Actor/Actress?: mmhmm
    ~A deep sleeper?: yeah
    ~Shy?: sumtimes
    ~Outgoing?: yea
    ~A good storyteller?: yea

    [have you had...:]
    Chicken Pox?: yeah
    Strep Throat?: yeah
    Flu?: yeah
    Cold?: yeah
    Stitches?: nope
    Bloody nose?: no
    Cancer?: no
    Surgery?: no
    Someone say they hate you?: nope
    Someone besides your family say they love you?: yeah
    Someone punch you?: lol only as playin around
    Alcohol poisoning: nope

    [do you...:]
    Enjoy parks? yeah
    Like Picnic's?: yeah
    Like School?: kinda
    Like the color pink?: thats muh fav color
    Wet the bed?: no, do you?
    Collect anything?:no
    Like to sing?: no
    Like to shop?: YES!!! imma shopoholic
    Like to Party?: depends on who is there
    Get in trouble a lot?: yea

    [would you...:]
    Ever get a tattoo?: yea
    Ever get any body parts pierced?: yea
    Kill someone you didn't know for 15 million dollars?: hmmm thats alot of money...but no i wouldnt
    If your house was on fire what three things would you take?: my teddy bear,wallet,and this blanket my gramma made me when i was a baby
    If someone offered you a small part in a movie would you accept? yeah
    What would you do for a klondike bar?:mmm nothing
    name..: Jessica
    age..: 17
    home..: cocoa....

    most trustworthy..: bam....theres not alot u can trust these days
    most fun to be around..: every-1
    known the longest....chip~~>12 yrs
    funniest..: all of my friends are funny
    sexiest..: hmm thats hard
    best looking..: dunno
    smartest..: josh
    dumbest..: haha dunno
    blondest..: shauna
    most open-minded..: .....
    most outgoing..: me(yep im my own friend)
    shyest..: .....

    ..who comes to mind when you hear these words..
    cow..: Dan~~MOOO(inside joke)
    water..: no idea
    pigs..: shauna(watchin the pigs do it hahah)
    tree..: anthony(tree licker)
    cookie..: ?dunno
    piggy back..: dunno
    math..: brian or nick

    what friend reminds you of the color..
    green..: shauna
    blue..: austin
    yellow..: christina
    orange..: nick
    red..: bam bam
    purple..: dunno
    pink..: christina
    black..: dennis
    white..: gosh, i dunno friends..
    who is your best friend..: austin
    why..: hes always been there
    what is the funniest thing you two have ever done..: too many
    what was the worst thing you two went through..: like 3 months of fighting and what happened
    have you two gone on vacation together..:
    do your parents like your best friend..: she loves him
    do their parents like you..: i hope so!

    your friends..
    best memory..: lots
    best time at the mall..: MANY good times at the mall
    worst time at the mall..: getting chased by the security gaurd
    worst time over someones house..: dont remember

    [ F I R S T ]
    First job: finish line
    First screen name: cheergurl5163
    First funeral: grammas like 2 yrs ago
    First pet: missy
    First piercing/tattoo: ears
    First credit card: never had one
    First Kiss: real kiss? donny
    First one that mattered: austin
    First true love: austin
    First enemy: haha oo buddy danielle
    First big trip: never been :(
    First musician you remember hearing in your house: haha i dunnooo

    [ L A S T ]
    Last car ride: dk
    Last kiss: austin
    Last library book checked out: a child called it
    Last movie watched: umm kangaroo jack...dont ask
    Last beverage drank: mnt dew
    Last food consumed: chips
    Last phone call: nicole
    Last time showered: tonite
    Last CD played: mix
    Last annoyance: hahah josh
    Last soda drank: mnt dew
    Last ice cream eaten: hot carmel sundae that i git tonite
    Last time scolded: dk
    Last shirt worn: spongebob
    Last dream: last night
    Last good cry: friday nite
    Last Missing Library Book: awhile ago
    Last Book Read: child called it
    Last curse word uttered:damnit
    Last Crush: ....
    Last TV show watched: bacholor
    Last Item Bought: skittles from when i was in the hostpital last nite
    Last shoes worn: nikes
    Last MP3 Downloaded: dont have one
    Last disappointment: idk
    Last thing written: a email address for
    Last key used: m
    Last word spoken: hot
    Last trip to the bathroom: umm a couple min ago
    Last sleep: 5 this morning
    Last IM: josh
    Last sexual fantasy: haha
    Last orgasm: haha
    Last weird encounter:....
    Last Store Shopped at: fashizzle
    Last time amused: dunno
    Last time wanting to die: idk
    Last time in love: still am
    Last time hugged: austin(last nite)
    Last time resentful:
    Last chair sat in: this computer chair
    Last lipstick used: i use lip gloss
    Last bra worn: a black one
    Last class attended: umm dk
    Last time dancing: forgot
    Last poster looked at:
    Last moive attended: dont member
    Last webpage visited: yahoo

    My Perfect Guy
    1. hair color?- brown
    2. eye color?- blue or brown
    3. height?- taller than me
    4. six pack?- oo YEAH
    5. long or short hair?- short
    6. glasses?- no
    7. piercings?- depends
    8. scars? whatever
    9. eyebrows?- as long as they look good on his face
    10. big butt or little?- BIG
    12. buff or skinny?- buff! skinny guys are BLAAAAAAAH
    13. straight teeth, gap, or braces?- straight
    14. funny or serious?- both
    15. party or stay at home?- dunno
    16. should he cook or bake?- hah if he wants to
    17. should he have a best friend?- yea
    18. should he have a lotta girlfriends?- umm no im the JEALOUS type
    19. outgoing or shy?- outgoing
    20. sarcastic or sincere?- both
    21. should he love his mother?- yeahhh...
    22. should he watch chick flicks?- dunno
    23. would he be a smoker?- NO
    24. would he drink?- umm...
    25.would he if swear?-?
    26. would he play with your hair?- if i want him to
    27. one or more girls at a time?- nooo noo noo no
    28. would he pay for dates?- if he insists
    29. does he kiss on the first date?- no
    30. where would you go to dinner?- sumwhere nice
    31. would he bring you flowers?- i guess
    32. would he lay under the stars with you?- yea
    33. would he write poetry about you?-thatd be sweet
    34. would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby?- if he wants to
    35. would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?- yeah
    36. would you hang out with him and HIS friends?- yeah
    38. holding hands?- yes
    39. soccer?- dc
    40. baseball?- dc
    41. basketball?- dc
    42. football?- dc
    43. water polo?- thats kinda weird
    44. surf?- dc
    45. skateboard?- skaters are always sexi
    46. snowboard?- dc
    47. sing?- umm if hes gay
    48. play guitar?- dc
    49. play piano ?-dc
    50. play drums?- dc
    58. how old is he ?- same age or older
    59. what would his name be?- dont matter sumthin hot
    51. clean his room?- Yes
    52. paint, draw, sculpt ?- dc
    53. writes his own music?- yes
    54. use the word dude?- if he wants
    55. use the word tight? - if he wants
    56. would he watch the sun rise with you ?- yeah
    57. what kind of car does he drive?- whatever

    o. First name: Jessica
    o. Middle name: Jaqueline
    o. Last name: Bernard soon to be Hale...mmm
    o. Nickname(s): dont got any...haha
    o. Age: 17
    o. Birthday:04/05/87
    o. Height: 5'6
    o. Hair color: brown
    o. Eye color: brown
    o. Glasses: no
    o. Contacts: i have the blue ones but i dont need em
    o. Braces: no
    o. Hair short or long: short :'(
    o. Where you were born: fort lauderdale,fl
    o. Where you now live: cocoa
    o. Astrology sign: aries
    o. Chinese zodiac sign: i forget i think rabbit
    o. Nationality: american and french
    o. Bad habits: biting nails
    o. Piercing: ears
    o. Tattoos: none yet

    o. Are you still in school: yup
    o. Current grade: senior
    o. Favorite grade: 10th
    o. Worst grade: 9th
    o. Favorite teacher: mrs mcdermott and mrs hickey and mr holloway and ms
    o. Worst teacher: mrs gibson and mrs umm valerio
    o. Favorite subject: math
    o. Worst subject: english
    o. Buy or bring lunch: buy
    o. School sports: track and basketball
    o. High school: cocoa high
    o. School activities: um, i dunno?
    o. Popular or what: ummm i had alot of friends and people new me but idk
    o. Favorite memory: too many
    o. Worst memory: i tripped at skool....heheh

    o. Number: 7
    o. Clothing brand: dont have one
    o. Shoes: changes regularly
    o. Saying: whatever
    o. TV show: family guy
    o. Sport: umm idk
    o. Vegetable: dont have one
    o. Fruit: strawberry
    o. Movie: ghost ship and pirates of the carrbian
    o. Actress: dont have one
    o. Actor: johnny depp and collin farell
    o. Candy: snicker and butterfinger
    o. Gum: winterfresh and juicy fruit and big red
    o. Scent: vinalla
    o. Candy bar: hersheys milk chocolate
    o. Ice cream: cookie dough
    o. Color: pink
    o. Season:spring
    o. Holiday: christmas
    o. Band: idk
    o. Singer: dont have one
    o. Music: everything but country
    o. Thing in your room: dunno
    o. Place to be: dunno
    o. Radio station: 101.1
    o. TV channel: dk
    o. Junk food: i have a lot
    o. Fast food place: wendys
    o. Restaurant: red lobster
    o. Shape: heart
    o. Time of day: night
    o. Country: USA?
    o. State: michigan
    o. Boy's name: adrian
    o. Girl's name: brianna
    o. Mall: merritt island or melbourne
    o. Video game: mario kart
    o. Shampoo: Pantene Pro-V
    o. Computer game:D2
    o. Car: eclipse or spider
    o. Music video:dk
    o. Swear word: fuck
    o. Month: april

    o. Boyfriend/girlfriend: yep
    o. Crush: not now
    o. Do you love anyone right now: with all mu heart mm yes
    o. Have you ever been in love: am rite now
    o. How many hearts have you broken: 1 that i know of
    o. How many people broke your heart: idk
    o. Do you go more by looks or personality: personality
    o. Ever kiss a friend: yea
    o. Are you still friends:yea
    o. Do you smoke: no
    o. How about weed: no

    o. Flashed someone: yeah
    o. Told the person you liked how you felt: yeah
    o. Gotten really REALLY wasted: no
    o. Gone to jail/juvenile detention: nope
    o. Skateboarded: i tired
    o. Skinny dipped:yea
    o. Stolen anything from a store: yea
    o. Kissed someone of the same sex: no
    o. Been to a concert:no
    o. Been to another country: no
    o. Talked back to an adult: yeah
    o. Given money to some homeless person:no
    o. Cried to get out of trouble: yep and it works
    o. Kissed a friend's brother/sister: on dare

    o. You ate: chips
    o. You drank: twister
    o. The last place you went: mcdonalds
    o. Last thing you bought: dunno
    o. Last person you saw: austin
    o. Last person you talked to: dennis and josh in a chat
    o. Last song you heard: dunno

    [my name is]: Jessica
    [love is] : great
    [I’m afraid of] : balloons and spiders

    . . H A V E . Y O U. E V E R . .
    [pictured your crush naked?] : yeah
    [actually saw your crush naked] : yea
    [been in love] : yes
    [cried when someone died] : yep
    [lied] : yeah

    . . W I T H. T H E O P P O S I T E. S E X. .
    [what do u notice first?] : eyes and ass
    [last person u slow danced with] : dunno
    [worst question to ask] : dunno

    . . W H O. .
    [makes u laugh the most?] : anyone who tried
    [makes u smile] : a lot of people
    [give u a funny feeling when u see them] : a lot of people
    [who do you have a crush on?] : no one now
    [who has a crush on u?] : umm 3 that i know of
    [is easiest to talk to?] : austin dan dennis and bam

    . . W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R . .
    [coke or pepsi] : coke
    [flowers or candy] : flowers
    [tall or short] : tall

    . . D O . Y O U . E V E R . .
    [sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to IM you?] : no
    [cried because of someone saying something to you]: i think

    . . W H O . W A S. T H E . L A S T . P E R S O N ..
    [you talked to on the phone] : nicole
    [you laughed with] : dennis

    . . D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U . .
    [smoke cigarettes] : no
    [obsessive]: yeah i guess
    [could you live without the computer?] : probably not
    [what's ur favorite food?] : wings
    [drink alcohol?] : no
    [like watching the sunrises or sunset?] : yeah
    [what hurts the most? Physical pain or emotional pain?] : emotional
    [trust others way too easily?] : yes but they all end up lying

    . . F A V O R I T E . .
    [ Drink ] : mnt dew and this fruit punch drink
    [ Color ] : pink
    [ Album ] : ......
    [ Shoes ] : etnies
    [ Candy ] : snickers
    [ Animal ] : dog
    [ TV Show ] : family guy
    [ Movie ] : i have a lot
    [ Dance ] : whatever lol
    [ Song ] : changes regularly
    [ Vegetable ] : dont have one

    . . A R E .Y O U . .
    [ Understanding ] : no
    [ Open-minded ] : yeah
    [ Arrogant ] : yeah
    [ Insecure ] : yeah
    [ Interesting ] : im booooooring hahaha
    [ Random ] : haha yeah
    [ Friendly ] :yea
    [ Smart ] : kinda
    [ Moody ] : yeah
    [ Childish ] : yeah
    [ Independent ] : yea
    [ Hard working ] : noooo
    [ Organized ] : sometimes
    [ Healthy ] : yea
    [ Emotionally Stable ] : no
    [ Shy ] : no
    [ Difficult ] : probably
    [ Attractive ] : umm i guess
    [ Bored Easily ] :yea
    [ Messy ] : most of the time
    [ Thirsty ] : not now
    [ Responsible ] : no
    [ Angry ] : sumtimes
    [ Sad ] : not now
    [ Happy ] : yeah
    [ Hyper ] : all the time
    [ Trusting ] : yea
    [ Talkative ] : ueppers

    . . W H O .d O .Y O U .W A N T .t O . .
    [ Kill ] : hahah this gurl i know who i hate
    [ Slap ] : a few ppl
    [ Get Really Wasted With ] : noone
    [ Get High With ] : no1
    [ Look Like ] : someone pretty
    [ Talk To Offline ] : austin bam josh christina
    [ Talk To Online ] : austin dan christina dennis josh kevin

    . . N U M B E R S . .
    [of times i have had my heart broken? ] : 1
    [of hearts i have broken?] :1 that i know of
    [of boys i have kissed?] : a few
    [of girls i have kissed?] : umm....
    [of tight friends?] : 4 or 5
    [of cd's that i own?] : a lot
    [of things in my past that i regret?] : no regrets

    [ x ] Spell your first name backwards - acisseJ
    [ x ] Where do you live - cocoa
    [ x ] Wallet - black
    [ x ] Toothbrush – crest
    [ x ] Pillow cover –changes a lot
    [ x ] Blanket – changes a lot
    [ x ] Coffee cup –dunno
    [ x ] Sunglasses – hahahaha claires for my disguise
    [ x ] Underwear – g-strings
    [ x ] Shoes – i have a lot of shoes
    [ x ] Favorite shirt – dunno
    [ x ] Cologne/Perfume – lilu and clinque
    [ x ] CD in stereo right now - mix
    [ x ] Tattoos – none
    [ x ] Piercings – ears
    [ x ] What you are wearing now – shorts and shirt
    [ x ] Hair – down
    [ x ] Makeup – none
    [ x ] In my mouth – nuthin
    [ x ] In my head – thoughts
    [ x ] Wishing – alot of things
    [ x ] After this –goin to bed its like 1
    [ x ] Talking to – josh and dennis
    [ x ] Eating - nothing
    [ x ] Fetishes – i have a lot
    [ x ] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason – hahah this gurl bc i hate her with a passion
    [ x ] Person you wish you could see right now – austin :( i miss u baby
    [ x ] Is next to you – pen,notebook,oreos,and a game
    [ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month – um, i dunno!
    [ x ] Something that you are deathly afraid of - balloons and spider(well any type of bug)
    [ x ] Do you like candles - yes!!!
    [ x ] Do you like the taste of blood - umm no
    [ x ] Do you believe in love - yes
    [x ] Do you believe in soul mates - yes
    [ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight – yes
    [ x ] Do you believe in Heaven - yes
    [ x ] Do you believe in forgiveness - yes
    [x ] Do you believe in God - yes
    [ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die - buried
    [ x ] Who is your worst enemy - dunno
    [ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be – puppy
    [ x ] What is the latest you've ever stayed up – 830 in the morning
    [ x ] Ever been to Belgium - haha no
    [ x ] Can you eat with chopsticks – never tried
    [ x ] What's your favorite coin - dime its soooo cute
    [ x ] What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to – dunno
    [ x ] What are some of your favorite pig out foods – wings
    [ x ] What's something that you wish people would understand – a lot of things
    [ x ] What's something you wish you could understand better – a lot of things
    [ x ] Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time- yeah


    1. Name? Jessica
    2. Date of birth? 04/05/87
    3. Mental age??
    4. IQ? dunno
    5. EQ? whats that

    6. Colour of kinkiest underwear? hmm bright ass green
    7. Colour of most worn out underwear? i dont think i have worn out underwear..
    8. Favorite way to dress? sumthin comfy
    9. Most expensive item in your wardrobe? belt~$44
    10. Oldest item in your wardrobe (what you've own longest)? umm these pants
    11. Favorite piece of clothing? skirt
    12. Sexiest outfit? dunno
    13. Most comfortable outfit? dunno
    14. High heels/sandals? sandals
    15. Boots/trainers? trainers
    16. Fishnet tights/colourful stockings? fishnets

    17. Cider?blah no
    18. Lager/bitter/stout/beer? no
    19. Vodka? yea
    20. Whiskey? no
    21. Baileys? no
    22. White wine? no
    23. Red wine? no
    24. Bacardi? yea


    25. Winter? yeah
    26. Spring? yeah
    27. Summer? yeah
    28. Autumn? yeah
    29. Love? YES
    30. Hate?a couple people
    31. Lust? no
    32. Sex? if its with the rite guy
    33. Seduction? dumb
    34. Sadness? sad
    35. Break up? soooo sad
    36. Heartbreak? dunno
    37. Friendship? great
    38. Travel? cool
    39. Work? no
    40. Beach? i love the beach
    41. Christmas? love it
    42. Birthday? happy most of the time
    43. Party? depends on who is there
    44. Infidelity? um, bad
    45. Death? sad
    46. Wedding? good
    47. 60's? what about it
    48. 70's? what about it
    49. 80's? what about it
    50. 90's? what about it
    51. Y2K's? what about it
    52. Happiness? good
    53. Classical? ino
    54. Folk? no

    79. The sexiest actor/actress? collin farrell
    80. Sexiest musician? hmm i dunno
    81. Most arousing place to be kissed? neck
    82. Most arousing place to be touched? haha
    83. Ultimate fantasy place where to have sex? on the beach
    84. Anal sex? nah
    85. Oral sex? its ok
    86. Threesome? maybe
    87. Lesbian/gay experience? im straight
    88. are you still a virgin?no
    89. Prostitution? bad
    90. Contraception? bad i guess

    What is your Jessica
    What are your nick names:
    When is your birthday: 4/5/87
    How old are you: 17
    How tall are you: 5'6'
    What color are your eyes: brown
    What color is your hair: brown
    Nationality: american and french
    Do you have siblings: brother and half sister
    Who is your role model: dunno
    Do you have any piercings: ear
    Do you have any tattoos: no
    What size shoe are you: between 9 1/2 and 10
    What size ring are you: dunno
    What do you do best: dunno
    What makes you cry and why: anything
    What makes you happy: a lot of stuff

    Q. Have you ever
    Have you ever been loved: yeah
    Have you ever smoked: once
    Have you ever been arrested: nope
    Have you ever seen a star: yesssssss in my little own world sure
    Have you ever drank: yea
    Have you ever cried: yeah

    Q. Friends
    Who is your best friend of the opposite sex: austin
    Sexiest looking: dunno
    Funniest: all my friends are funny
    Who is the Loudest:christina
    Who is the Quietest: megan
    Who is Strangest:josh
    Most annoying: brian
    Most loveable: dunno
    Tallest: bam
    Who do you hate the most: shauna
    Who do you trust the most: noone rite now
    Who do you go to with your problems: austin or bam
    Where do you hang out with your friends: mall, movies, beach, houses, etc.
    Known the longest:shauna

    Q. Relationships
    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yea
    Do you have a crush: not now
    If yes, Who are they:
    Do you stalk them: hahah alll the time
    Do you believe in love: yeah
    What was your longest relationship: 1 yr 7 mnths 13 days and counting
    What was your shortest relationship: a day
    Have you ever cheated on someone: i regret it sooo bad
    What is the best thing about love: u feel great
    What is the worst thing about love: u give in to easy

    What song are you listening to right now? radio
    What is right next to you? oreos
    What is your computer desk made of? wood
    What are the last four digits of ur phone number? 7772
    What was the last thing you ate? chocolate covered potato chip
    Do you like snow, sun, or rain? yeah all
    What did you do last night? mmm austin
    Talked to on the phone? nicole
    What's the best advice given to you? dont change for nobody

    hahahaha im sooo freakin tired omg this took me like 95709470952 hrs but its all good im gonan go to bed and think about muh sweetie ttyl bubye

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