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Cristina (lilstina) wrote,
@ 2003-02-11 17:55:00
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    YaY the first time..i get my jjournal...i feel specail..haha... Umm today wus a pretty good day..except some ppl r soo SORRY U AINT ME!!!..haha da mornin...we walked around...n i found BANANA!!!!!! we talked for a bit..than walked around..n found megz..n bell rang..!!..soo..yea..we went to claass

    1st per wus a PURE joke..we got the funniest ppl in the 2 twins CHRIS..n CHRIS...<--yes the same name....and ERIC...n..Jason...ahaha..we were spitin spit balls everywhere..the teacher doesnt care ccuz hes like drunk all da yea..dat class wus good..

    after i found rob...n pinced his cheecks....!! haha chuubbby CHEEKS..left him..than found ana..n went bak to pinch again
    than class started again..

    per 2...wus ok..a nice convo..about the war..good time 2
    than.....walked..a....bit..and..went to class again..

    per 3...BORIN!!!!!! we got a guy in dat class..wit WICKED eyez..there contacts but there soo nice...haha i always stare in his eyez...he probbly thinks im o well
    Lunch..meh..wus ok..i talked to mark today..megz seemed mad..she does like him..but i dunno!!...maybe i do to..o well..betta stay away....n the rest stayed wit..ana!!...than we ate ..and walked around..found..nicole,megz n them..we talked..a bit..and than..mark came out of no where..n me n him talked..megz got mad again..n than..we..walked up a bit..n stayed wus makin fun of anas 2 r soo funny..n than devon came..there like..dats wut number..4-5..haha.. :P am not a pimp u guyz.haha...than lunch finshed..

    per 4..wus funny.....threw spit balls at frankie n got him introuble..i swear that teacher loves me..i do everythin wrong in that class..n i never get introuble..n she knows its me..i guess its cuz i look like someone...she always tells me dat..o well..sharon wus mad...i think it wus cuz we stayed after skool n watched the b-ball game..meh..o well wusnt my flaut..i never walk wit her anyway

    after skkool..i bet megan up..she stole my jacket..hahah it wus funny then i dragged her across the floor...than i went to monciaz wit them..n stayed for a bit..than went home...nuttin specail..but yea... i dunno wut else to Buh Bye..

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