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Cristina (lilstina) wrote,
@ 2003-02-11 17:43:00
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    Ahh today is the first day i start have nuttin else to we go...
    Today Wus a pretty good day..but..u never kno who u can trust..n who u really bothers can u call urselfs FRIENDS...anyways..theres alot of jealous ppl at my yea dont have to touch my ass... Anyways!!

    per 1 - wus a pure jk..we were throwin spit balls..n makin nose wus the best..i love that class..we have these 2 twins..called chris..n chris..its really confusin.but there both soo dumb..its funny..n we cant FORGET about the tinyest guy in our class...ERIC..haha... :P him n his lil dream about his room...dat he pimped..hahahah

    per 2 - wasnt that bad..we had a nice class wit the teacher..about the war or w/e..nice time to sleep..
    lol..but before class...i pinched...CHUBBY CHEEKS..HAHAHAHAHA..round...2..WE won..haha

    per 3 - ..wus borin!!!! theres this guy in my class wit WICKED eyes...but there contacts...there soo pretty i want..*blue*

    per 4 - wus funny...i got frankie introuble...haha..loser..UmmMm n ram told me someone likes me..i wonder many ppl have crushes on me n my friend ana!! shes soo pretty..shes also a really good friend :P!! when u find a friend like dat u HOLD on to them.. :)..soo yea....

    after skool..went to monz..than walked home.. borin..n went online....i wonder if wut pookie said wus tru..if so..someones gonna get sat Ummm wat else...Johnny called me.. surpise..the first time he wanted to talk to me..weird kid..he thinks am hott...hes scaryin yea.....buh bye 4 now

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