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Lil Shorty (lilshorty) wrote,
@ 2005-06-15 22:05:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    I cant wait to watch that "True Life: Im Moving Back In With My Parents" on mtv tomarrow night, I tell ya it isnt very fun, especially today when my dads yelling at me for letting the remote 'get lost' under the blanket on the couch, and I tell him hes too uptight and he comes back with 'at least I have a job!' excuuuuse me, but I wasnt aware that had anything to do with a 'missing' remote. Besides its not like im not trying to get a job, thats all ive been focousing on for the last month and a half! Ali showed up at my house at about 9:30 this morning wanting me to go sumwhere with her, ur gonna peel me out of bed and have me go anywhere without showering and getting ready. Ide like to see that day...actually, no, no I wouldnt. Im not very attractive when I just roll out of bed! I broke it off with Shane after a year, so I am currently living the single life...yippie...i havent been single in almost 2 years now! thats insane, I am getting old.

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2005-06-16 14:19 (link)
Aw, don't be sad. I completely understand what you're going through... well, with the uptight parent thing at least. Thank God I'm not identifying with the 'Ali peeling me out of bed' thing, although I do believe I heard some incessant pounding on the side of my house while I was in bed this morning. Whatever. Anyway, yeah, my parents and I were at the OP one night and I was talking about getting a new bedspread or something and my dad's like "BUT YOU HAVE TO GET A STUDENT LOAN!" I'm thinking-- a student loan for a flipping bedspread? I guess he was just thinking about me moving out or something. I don't know. Dad's are strange. Let's boycott Fathers' Day.

Now what the hell did I come here to say in the first place... oh yeah, my cell phone is a piece of crap right now. I haven't had it turned on for longer than five minutes in a month because the charger doesn't work anymore, so I didn't get your last text message until yesterday. My late reply: I was going to Cedar Falls to go grocery shopping with my mom. Exciting, eh? Oh well, time to go.

Peace sign,

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