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jAsMiNe (lilsexidezi04) wrote,
@ 2003-02-14 18:51:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:GoOd ChArLoTtE - tHe AnThEm

    happy valentines dayyy:)
    oMg today was the best valentines day *EvEr* i love vincent anthony ******** soooooooooo fucking much omg. i make yaz wait for what he got/did for me:) i got him cute lil valentines day boxers lol, the 50 cent CD, and an mp3 player...ooh arent i a nice gf? lolz. and i made him a cute lil card. and he loved all of it soooooo much. he was so hard to shop for lolz...all guyz r.

    anyway in the morning he came to my locker and hugged me and kissed me and told me he loved me and said happy valentines day baby...and he gave me a dozen roses and like 5 balloons...and i gave him his present, and i felt bad cuz i didnt know if he got meh anythin else lol. so i gave it to him and he got sooooo excited it waz adorable lol. so then we said byebye and i went into hr and he went to his. He gave me a card too and it had this poem in it...sooo cute..

    If you were the moon
    and I were the sun,
    we'd be an eclipse
    --together as one.

    Words can't explain
    how I feel about you
    so I'll just say, "I Love You,"

    You are my life, my blood
    the only one for me,
    without you in my life
    where would I be?

    When you are not around
    it's never the same
    there is no love, no joy
    just heartbreaking pain.

    So if we're close together
    or far apart, I'll never forget
    how you touched my heart.

    awww...lolz. so i read that and i got all teari n then we went into hr and..
    i was sittin there n after the announcements they played our song which is thank god i found you by mc, joe and 98 degrees. and i almost cried haha. so then i saw him in the hall after and i was like omg i love you and then he walked me to class annnd then nothin happened 4 a while.

    then in the middle of 5th which is the period rite b4 my lunch period sum guy came to class and got me out of class and brought me down to tha office and vinny was there and he held my hand and kept on kissing me all the way walking to hiz car and we got in and he took me out to lunch and he brought me home to put my balloons and flowers away. then we went back to school and then after school we went back to his house and just hung out for a while and then i came home around 6...and hes picking me up at 8 for...who knows what lol. he said its a surprise and he wont tell me and that i have to wait and dress nice...sooo i dunno what that means? lol any ideas of whut it meanz?

    soo that was my bEsT valentines day everrr...i love that man..hes a man i think lol...hes 18 so i think soo. i love that man more than ive ever loved anyone before. he iz it 4 me i swear...and to all you bitchez who thynk me n him wont last....fuckkkk yooooouuu ( in da wordz of chrissy haha ily girl)

    anywayz...that iz all...gotta go beautify myself 4 mah sexi hunni lol. love you vinny babi:)

    HaPpY VaLeNtInEz DaY!! hope all of uz had a good v-day! i kno i diiiiiid:) i feel sooo *LoVeD* it'z fvckin gr8.

    later babez.
    xoxo - jAsMiNe - xox

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hey gurl
2003-02-15 11:05 (link)
i added u to my friends list...please add me!


and visit and request at my community....

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2003-02-15 23:06 (link)
aww! thats so cute!

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