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Samantha (lilroxybabe8188) wrote,
@ 2011-06-29 15:13:00
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    Job Hunting. These two words are taking up 80% of my life right now. I have a binder dedicated to job applications. Two folders. One spiral notebook. Job applications to fill out. A detailed list of every place I've applied, the position I applied for, and where I can find the Resume/Cover letter/Application on my harddrive. It is unbelievable. I have created a LinkedIn account, a career builders account, and a Monster account. I've created countless government accounts. I have spoken on the phone with my godfather who I haven't seen since my grandfathers funeral ten years ago. I am like a tiger on the prowl right now. And it is hard. It's going to be hard because I made the decision to dick around in college. I don't have any honors or awards to show for it. No internships. I knew it was going to be hard. But that is not making it any more fun.

    I have this girl Beth coming over at 8:30 tonight to check out the place and see if she wants to move in this weekend. That would be a financial burden off my chest. But if she wasn't coming over I would most definitely be cooped up in Barnes & Noble with my laptop filling out more applications that I'm most likely not qualified for. Every place wants years of experience. Well I've worked with a few environmental programs. I've tackled some semester and year-long environmental projects with reports to go with them. But I've yet to have an environmental job or internship and that is making this difficult.

    I'm going to find a job. It will happen. It's just going to be hell getting there.

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2011-06-29 21:31 (link)
Ah, this terrifies me! I was just out to dinner with my friend, and we were talking about internships, and how necessary/aggravating they are. Ugh.

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2012-05-23 02:22 (link)
Dans ce cas, même si j’ai eu un tiroir plein de diamants, aucune valeur pour moi, parce qu’ils sont inutiles. Par rapport à l’original sur l’?le, ma vie a été grandement améliorée, je ne suis pas seulement confortable, mais l’humeur aussi agréable à chaque fois que je Moncler fourre-tout classique grandes -Grey m’assieds pour manger,.

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