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Samantha (lilroxybabe8188) wrote,
@ 2011-04-13 10:07:00
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    I'm starting to get into routines that I'm really, really enjoying. Last night was great and I'm glad I did things for me. I've realized through my recent talks with Noah that I need to do this more. Instead of waiting around to see what happens with us, I need to do my own thing and when he's free, well then we can hang out.

    I left work early yesterday at 4pm to go pick up a Burdick pass for Chrissy. At 4:30 we met up with Derito and Hirsch and went bouldering. It was so much fun!!! Instead of being stressed about my performance I was having a really good time just trying to work all the climbs out with three good friends who are on the same climbing level as me. Chrissy did great for her first time climbing! And Mike really impressed me with his ability to just go for the climbs without fear. It was fun. I got a lot of climbs under my belt, more than I was able to get done last semester, and it felt really good!

    After climbing I came home and watched Food Revolution but after it was over I found myself bored and in a funk (the one I wrote about last night) so I went running in the pouring rain. It was awesome. It felt refreshing and the combination of rain and warming weather made me feel like I could just breathe in everything around me (good air, not nasty Towson tar).

    When I got back at 9:30 Annie informed me I had 30 minutes to get ready for Sonic. We were leaving at 10 with Jen and Ramps. And to Sonic we went. I have to admit, I was a little less than impressed. They put cinnamon on their onion rings (ew) and the hickory sauce drenched all over my bacon cheeseburger isn't exactly what I was in the mood for. Aside from this, having watched Food Revolution, all I could think about was what was in my food. Thus, I consumed maybe half my sandwich? The rest I trashed.

    We made it to the liquor store by midnight. Annie picked up a bottle of white and we headed back to our place with Jen and Ramps to watch 1,000 Ways to Die and Ninja Warrior hahaha. Around 1am I checked in with Noah (who had decided to go to the bar by himself once his friends left - weird) and hit the sack.

    Today we're supposed to grill. I have a feeling it's going to rain out and/or be too cold which is a bummer. I figure if we do get rained out though Josh and I can go to the Invisible Children screening. It'd be really nice though if the weather took a turn and we were all able to hang out. I could use a post-work cookout.

    And of course, tomorrow is kickballl!!! So stoked! I need to get the rulebook from James so I can read up on it.

    Sidenote: I got a B on my Cellular Biology exam. I know this isn't impressive to most people. But for me this is a milestone because I have struggled with this material more times than I can begin to list. It has killed my confidence that despite rocking through all my upper level science labs I was incapable of passing through the entry level course. I know this is because they use it as a sorting tool, but after proving I am capable in 400 level laboratory courses, it was frustrating to not pass 201. However, with this grade I am officially on track for passing through this time and I can finally breathe realizing that graduation this May is going to happen. If all goes as planned, in 5 weeks I will officially have a B.S. in Science and Mathematics from Towson U and while that also may not be the most impressive thing to some people, the last few classes have been the most challenging and I'm so proud of myself for graduating in a major I never in a million years thought I'd be able to handle. Every pre-college version of myself would think it was a joke. Science and Mathematics. Why in gods name did I put myself through that for five years? It's as if I planned out the most difficult track for my abilities. But I'm almost thereee!

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