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Samantha (lilroxybabe8188) wrote,
@ 2010-05-22 13:51:00
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    Today is a Goo Goo Dolls kinda day. I'd prefer to not have to work in an hour but I'm kind of okay with it because I know that otherwise I would just laze my day away.

    I just got back from DC. It was an adventure to say the least but overall it was pretty mediocre. I am now 100$ poorer. But this is my month for getting out of Towson. Last weekend was Canada, this weekend was DC, and Tuesday is Ocean City with Ashley, Pat, and other people from Randolph-Macon I never actually met in my year stay there.

    I want to go for a run right now. or just lay outside in the grass. I'm full of passion today and I want to put it to use. I've kissed away all the negativity in my life. I am in a good, independent direction for a change. It feels nice to be content on my own. It's freeing. I've been trying to get to this place for two years now.

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