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[*--P r I s--*] (lilpris) wrote,
@ 2005-07-20 19:01:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:rain - I do

    Back to school [GAY]
    yesterday's first day back at school was gayness! well it was okay =] lol... bludgy and reeally boring! anyway today was very eventful! well not really but kind of =] woke up at 6:30 for some reason =\ soo weird i usually wake up late! not early lol so in the morning i knew today was going to be strange... hahahah well it wasnt but nevertheless!

    first up! was science very very boring lesson =] then double english! it was bludgey but at the beginning of the lesson i was being an idiot... lol because i thought i had my science book on my table so i opened my book and started saying to myself nope this isnt my english book so i looked in my bag and then realised it had to be my english book so i looked again and then i said nope again, and then i was about to look into my bag again so i was half under the table ~.~ and then thought no it had to be my english book! and i looked and then i said oh it is my english book! then yunly looks at me and says "the teachers behind you"... and then i look up and see mr reis looking at me funnily >< and he goes "are you having fun priscilla?" how embarrassing?

    after that umm embarrassing lesson lol went to the library and read... lol and OH yesterday it was so funny because after science we were walking out of the library and i started singing i believe i can fly and then when we were having lunch we heard sisi randomly singing that song and then we started cracking up and eunice or alice ? was like how come youre singing that song?! and then sisi goes i dont know! i heard someone singing it and then eunice cracked up and pointed at me =P it was really funny!

    okay moving right along maths was just crazy again like always =] lol and so was pe... amy couldnt stop laughing! lol so funny. then at 5 went to parent teacher interview and it was good except for science.. that just ruined it ~.~ and i told my mum i didnt want her to see mr reis because hes scary and im scared =P lol and she was like okay i wont see him. Then when my mum was talking to mr murray (he told me to go for a walk lol) i walked past mr reis and he gave me this evil stare! it was sooo ergh! then i told my mum who my english teacher is and then she goes yes he does look quite mean LOL! i full cracked up when she said that =P well yea... ^^ it was funny

    kylie says: "why is life so confusing!?"

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2005-07-20 05:15 (link)
yes yes lyf is a very confusing thing and so r some ppl!!


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2005-07-20 05:22 (link)
and and ur foreva so funny!!!!


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