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[*--P r I s--*] (lilpris) wrote,
@ 2005-06-04 19:17:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:張柏芝-[乙水][乙水]轉

    work experience + TWINSSSS <3 !!!!
    tuesday was really good!! coz i got to go to reservations on level 7 and everyone was soso friendly!! hehe ^^ so in the morning i got to help reply emails lol SO WEIRD! then umm went to the ticketing department and that was kind of boring... then refunds and that was... lol weird and met alice for lunch ^^ lol then after lunch was really goooood! coz i got to go to groups and the two people there are heaps nice lol we were like chatting and everything xP and then they were telling me how they were in charge of the twins' umm air fares and blahblah and everything and yea it was really funny.. then ques where i nearly fell asleep xP and the lady was just non stop talking in canto haha once she knew i was canto she wouldnt stop talking ~.~ then phone calls! i was sitting with liza with those headphone things and i felt so pro haha... then had to sit with A.k and he was the boringest lol but yea ^^ tuesday was goood!

    er...wednesday was no comment... spent the whole day putting in three months worth of credit and debit data into the computer ~.~ then photocopying like a few hundred sheets, stapling them and putting them into envelopes.. like tiny tiny envelopes ~.~ argh lol it was quite boring...

    AND OMG THURSDAY WAS THE BEST... =P coz i got to go airport! so i woke at like 9:30 xP.. because i had to get to airport at 11am from my house =D and when i got there i was so lost haha so i asked some security person and yes ^^ then i got there and had to wait half and hour before everyone arrived and its so funny because everyone in the office has to have this like meeting before every flight and yea its funny ><" hehe ^^ and i was supervised by corynne or something.. and we went checkin counter first and that was kind of boring because not many people but the lady next to me..she was telling me how she saw twins when they came in the morning and how she was fully standing next to them and how they had such nice skin but they were short and how they had sun glasses that covered three quarters of their face and how much luggage they had and OMG i was like AAAAHHH I SHOULDVE BEEN THERE lol.. then GATE 33 ^^ hahahha i got to go into the aircraft and the umm cockpit and first thing i thought was TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES xP hohoho and then i was going aaall around and they were showing me everythinggg soooo coool then i had nothing to do for like the next 30 mins lol coz it wasnt boarding time yet and omgomgomg i saw this hothothothothothothot x1029430291 guy!!! haha but omg xP sooo hot lol and he had a nice voice as well xP then ummm i got to check passports and boarding passes ^^ then when they disconnected the plane from the weird tunnel thing i was allowed to stand there xP and yea it was a reaaaally fun day ^^ and i got to leave at 3:00 =D!! lol four hours of work xP how noooiiiiiiceeee

    and last daaay was boring at first... had to finish all the work for my supervisor but she was sooo nice! she kept complimenting me lol and she gave me all outstandings on my report xP so yes the morning was frustrating because she didnt want me to go to lunch lololol xP serious haha and then she said to me "in would be nice if you can come back in the holidays" and i was so shocked lol but yes ^^ then after lunch i went to level 7 again =P and then went and full bothered the reservations people XP but they were really nice lol well i sat with groups people and julie was telling me about her wedding and honeymoon and wedding dress and koala [koloa xP] hahahha and they were reeeaally nice and yea so i stayed there for the last two hours talking to them =D then yeeaap end of work experience

    my dad came to pick me up and drove me to chinatown where i met karen jenny chadwick boris at phoenix and sang one hour of k then went to capitol and ate jap food for dinner ^^ sooo many poeple! haha took capitols and saw victoria and henny lol ^^ then yeap and the concert was heeeeeaaaaps goood ^^ sosososoos goood and gillian is soooooo pretttyyy!!!! except their singing went a little weird.. haha and they kept on going "everyone sing along!" hahha and i was full singing my head off with rebecca xP then omgomg they came to right in front of where i sat for one song and they were sooooo close! lol BUT MY CAMERA RAN OUT OF BATTERIES argh i was sooo annoyed lol and they sang some of there mando songs =P and yeap ^^ it was reeeeeally gooood! <3~~

    haha oh fudge i wrote so much xP

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2005-06-07 07:43 (link)
Pat here.

What did you do for work experience exactly? You don't seem to have mentioned it anywhere...despite two entries that mention work experience - well....maybe it's coz you assume everyone who reads this blog knows already...

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2005-06-09 04:22 (link)

u havnt blogged in a while

stop being lazy

get bak to blogging!!

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