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Cam (lildirtbag) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 08:01:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:kiss me deadly; reel big fish

    God, this class is so boring, i think i said that in the last entry, i dunno. I am still suposed to be doing a project on this computer. But no, i don't feel like it even though its my last day, hahaha. God this person in fron of me (harley) is a really cool person, but recently shes been treating me like shit, or atleast i feel like it. We went bowling once, and had a really great time, even though my cuz's house was a bor. But i dunno, shes been like making me feel stupid just because i didnt no what one thing meant yesterday. Yea, i really used to like harley for a friend, just recently she even envited me to go upstate new york with her to go skiing/boarding. Now shes inviting all these other people, im not saying she wasn't going to but now she wont even talk to me about it. Shes like totally blocking me out, even though she sits right infront of me in this class. Today i accidentally took my moms cell fone and brought it to skewl, shes gunna be pissed. Yesterday i took it out of her car just to talk to tara, and this morn i had it in my pocket to put back in the car on the way to my bus stop, but i forgot untill i got to skewl "what is this hudge thing in my pocket..*pulls cell fone out* shit!" Last night i was talking to tara and she though i said something about sex toys on my head or toys or i dunno! But for some odd reason we were laughing to hard about it. Than we were like coming up with different things for like sex talk or whtevr, and i was like tara can i candy coat you or sugar coat i dunno, hahahahahha, but it was really funny. God when ever we have these great conversations i wish we were still together, but shes always says "it feels different" she won't even tell me if its possible that we could go out again, i dunno, but yea. I am soo cold, like 10 minutes ago my friend yelled at me to put my sweatshirt on.... yea i didn't, its still on my lap, but i must go now, i have to copy history before the next class(10minutes)

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