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Amy (lilcolonel1982) wrote,
@ 2006-02-16 13:41:00
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    Another Entry ........
    Well, last night was that dinner thing. It was alright. Nothing spectacular. And Mike was not even there. I looked all sexy and hot for a guy that was not even there. I wanted Mike to be like DAMN she is hot and i would be like sorry I have a boyfriend. HaHaHaWell anyways we had some vegtable pasta junk it was okay. And for dessert Aunt Anne brought a king cake. And it is really funny to see people eat king cake from up north. So anyway after the dinner was done Matt and I had a small snowball fight because the guy house stil had snow. And he could not believe that me and Matt never saw snow before. This guy lives in Hershey. It kind of reminds me of the Smoky mountains. He lives in the woods.
    Well anyway we are dog sitting Aunt Anne's friends dog Sadie. She is a good dog. She was left when the hurricane hit so she is still a little traumatized. But overall she is a good dog. The cat hates Sadie because she is a fairly big dog. Yesterday the cat scratched Matt's hand up. That cat is really bad. So today the dogs are inside and the cat is outside.
    We are suppose to be having Sadie for a week while Aunt Anne's friend goes back to Louisiana next week I do believe. And this was just a test run to see how she would do.
    She does fine. She does bark a lot when people leave and I had to calm her down but overall she is a good dog.
    Gues what ?! I got my valentine present today from Kerry. It finally came. I did not get my card yet. But I am aso happy !!
    That is all for now

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2006-02-16 17:45 (link)
what's a king cake?

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