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*jEnNa* (lil_starz) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 14:56:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Trouble by Pink

    Taking a LiL Break
    Hope everyone had a good Halloween. Hope ya ate lots and lots of candy and I hope you all PUKED. I stayed hom, all dressed up with no where to go. I basically watched Degrassi on The-N and went online. Adam got home and I talked to him a bit. Ehh.... he pisses he off sometimes. I know he cares about me, but like there are some things he doesn't seem to care about when it comes to talking about our relationship. I kinda complained about how he always says I don't know to my questions. "Wanna go ice skating?" "Wanna go bike riding?" "It's a nice day, wanna hang out?" I dont know. So I told him I would take that as a no from now on. He thought I was being a bitch and that something was wrong. YEA, somethings wrong. What did I just complain about? Ehh.. he doesn't get it. I always make plans to see him, and he doesn't. He invited me a few places, but he doesn't ask if I want to go bike riding or do something on the weekend. So, I'm stopping. And maybe he wants time to himself. I'm not even going to call cause he only calls to return my calls. Hmm.... let's see if he calls tonight.

    Today is a beautiful day. I went bike riding with Laur. Went by Alan's house to see if there's any decorations still up. Adam wasn't home. Alan was hanging out with his "biker gang". They're just a bunch of idiots. The new "Jackass" show people. I kinda went home and left Laur with them. Not the kind of people I enjoy being around.

    ALGEBRA AVERAGE IS 94!!!! Oh yea!!!! But, I think I'm going to do bad in Language Arts and Science. It's not looking good for Honor Roll.

    Got a new computer today. Dell. But like... it doens't work. So I'm still stuck with this one. The new one is set up in my room and the old one is down here in the basement were i'm typing now. I'm glad I can still go online. Woo! A person is going to come in 3 days (i can't wait that long!) and fix it. Ehh..... I want my new computer and I want it NOW. LOL.

    There's nothing to do. I don't feel like bike riding with Laur and her gang. Now it gets dark early and that sux because I use to come home around 6 when I went bike riding on the weekend when the weather was nice. Adam's not home....well YEA, I called once to ask him to come bike riding, but like he wasn't home. So yea....

    Sigh.... I luv Adam to pieces. Really I do. But..... he's such an asshole! Hehe.. I still luv him. (Dont you just want to smack me?)

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2003-11-02 14:34 (link)
hey can u add me as a friend?ill add u back.i comment

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2003-11-02 17:29 (link)
um yea sure..... wats the reason though?

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