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Annie (lil_ann) wrote,
@ 2004-02-29 17:37:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:.close to me- the get up kids.

    Wow, i forgot i actually had one of these things till some of the girls started up on livejournal, and i was like *shabam* i have one, so i decided to start writing in this again. You see, i have a journal.. like an actual pen and paper one, but i never EVER have time to write in it, so i will just start writing on this again whenever i get on the computer and everything will just be dandy. Let's see the last couple of days have been crazed. Thursday, met this AWESOME guy allen, thought he was just the bomb diggity.. yeah well that ended, now he doesn't even know who i am.. is there really a guy out there that has the same mind frame as me? I mean really.. 'cause i would never even begin to think about to cheat on someone i loved, and i mean i consider myself to be a considerate person.. or i CAN be.. lol this is sad, but i just want a guy who actually likes me for once, im always the liker.. does that make any sence? *sigh* im going to go watch scary movies and eat ice cream. HA so much for trying to lose weight..

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2004-02-29 18:56 (link)
Hey someday you'll find the right guy that fits you perfect sometimes it justs takes awhile.

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