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Jewel (lika_pimp) wrote,
@ 2004-03-12 22:26:00
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    Current mood:wishn he was here to warm me ^
    Current music:I'll love u more- Ginuwine

    havent written in awhile...
    yeah...okay think about this im like totally in love with this totally awesome guy...but things are going okay we are kinda distant thogh...i love him..and he means so much to me i dont think hell ever understand...
    yeah tomarro some shit is goin down!!! cant hardly wait!

    uhm yeah i might be moving back down to Biloxi Mississippi! im x-cited! my aunt wants me to come live with her!! so im like oh yeah! i miss it ther! michigan blows ass...the only thing that is keeping me here is deff. aint my family, cause if u know me u know they dont care 2 shits a fuck bout me!

    n im beginning to think that thats how everyone is feeling lately...

    church youth group is going crazy...ehh..pray for us!

    Dance Comp.- March 28th 2004 MSU baybay all the way! ~hoot hoot~ lmao!

    Answer me some Questions:
    Do You Love Me? Or is It Opposite?

    If you Love Me Or Hate Me...why??

    One Word To Describe Me?

    One Word to Describe Our Relationship?

    Most Embarassing Moment with Me?
    (if u dont have one, u prolly hate me)

    Do You Want Me?
    (me too.)

    and *drum roll please*
    do you like Slurpees?

    ~* if you answered *yes* to all these questions above you are........................................dumb cause these all arent yes or no questions...*~

    But if you answered these questions truthfully...thank you! :-* (a kiss for you) or >:-O (a very mean yell for you)

    alrite im too bored.....

    im going to bed....
    Good Night I Love You....

    []D /\ |_| []_


    for ever and always ur my one tru....


    I'll love u more and more...

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