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Light The Match (light_the_match) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 01:19:00
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    got off work at 1, came home, passed out. woke up at 4, put clothes on, went to orlando. got to orlando, took the longest piss on the light pole as 2 chicks that were goin to the show sat there tryin to watch me. got to hold nik's 1 liter pepsi bottle of piss - it reminded me of my old school weird ass family road trips; it was awesome.

    finally got in, and 10 minutes later, avenged kicked it off. they were good, but the set coulda been better. then eighten visions - that was unbelievable - them flippin out, plus the lights goin crazy.....whoo. fsf.....they fucking sucked. i had to walk out they were so bad. i can tolerate a lot, but jason could not sing a single word on key for his life. then - escape mutha fuckin dillinger - that was the sickest thrash metal/spazcore performance i've ever witnessed. there was soo much energy. then, to end the night, PTW....holy shit. the crowd went nuts. the set was great - not much different than the set from warped, jus a lil longer. they ended with nerdy - the crowd split and lines from each side started dancin' like mofo's. i didnt dance much. downed some tequila and went to go have a nice conversation with myself. i danced a lil thru a7x and all thru ptw. i'm beat to hell, i'm goin to bed

    and to all the mothah fuckas who think they real ass niggas..........u aint shit


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2003-10-01 13:32 (link)
You are fucking strange.


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2003-10-04 21:47 (link)
eighteen visions.....fucking awesome
were they touring with a static lullaby?

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