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Light The Match (light_the_match) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 23:00:00
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    warped, preferred, cant ask for more
    bmpp bmpp bmpp..........c'mon now

    warped was better than i could've expected. got there around 10, got in at noon, and watched vaux kick it off(decent band - not great, but alright). walked by the PTW tent, and guess who it was....jeff. no one knew who it was, which was pretty funny. so i got to talk with him, then ran into adam carson. he was busy tryin to get some pussy, so i got a picture with him then left him alone. andrew w. k. was great. the energy thoughout the set was just crazy.(biggest pit of the day, people went completely banannas).then.......PTW. that was a way better set than i could've imagined. the pit got pretty intense, got spinned kicked in the back of the head - yeh, real cool. accidently punched some girl on the side in the forehead. i felt bad for a lil while, but then realized shit like that happens, what can ya do. after that set, met up with nick, jeremy, hillary, matt and jj. then got to talk to rick thorne for lil while, which was cool. spent an hour looking for the backpack with a kid attached........finally found it, then waited for rancid to come on. saw matt jones, who i havent seen in forever, and was with him in the crowd. then went to meet AWK but he was writing out life stories for people so i said fuck it. saw a lil bit of dropkick, a lil of the used, then just waited and waited for AFI.they finally came on, and as soon i got pushed back and forth real quick, i knew it was gonna be a big push pit type thing the whole fuckin time. that part was a bitch, but they had a great set.coulda been somewhat better, but still more than expected. christina made it even more enjoyable, so thanks toots. so after that, we said bye to everyone and got the hell outta there, ate, got to bed at 10

    woke up at 8 this mornin, took a shower, then went to my job interview which is on hold because the manager's computer was down. so, woke brandon up, ate breakfast, then went to the hospital to see mom. she was so out of it, so we let her go back to sleep. then, came home, played drums for a bit, then went to port to chill with sam, nick, josh, richard, and ben. played video games, told kirk the right way to evacuate for a fire drill, then played some more. finally went to go get some of god's food and drinks, picked up christina, then back to richards. richard and i SANG ALONG WITH OUR GOOD FRIEND CAMERON, got in a bitch fight with josh, then danced the rest of the night. it was great. i needed a night like tonight. i'm glad i was able to hang out with sam. she's the best.

    and to all u fucks..........i dunno


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2003-07-26 15:10 (link)
I am.

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