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Light The Match (light_the_match) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 01:14:00
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    here's how it went down my nig
    the past few days i havent been doin much. skatin here and there, playin guitar and working on lyrics/vocals. i've been using brandons BOSS metal zone guitar pedal. that thing is really gutsy. its not exactly the sound i want.....i've been fuckin with it for 3 days and i still cant get the right crunchy tone i want. it still sounds good, with all the low end, and the harmonics that it picks up are crazy. but......not enough mid

    i leave in a few hours to fly to texas and spend a week with kyle, julie, taylor, garret, chris, and whoever else i meet up with. i cant wait. texas is so peaceful and pretty. i look at it all, and then get asked "where do u live?" and i hafta say "ah, cocoa beach.....shit brown water, ya kno.....weed infested dead grass everywhere...real cool place." part of me has pride in where i come from, and it'll always be there. i just wish this area could be 1/2 as pretty as out there, and could have 1/2 the integrity and courtesy of people that live there. it would make things so much nicer and easier. but, it wont ever happen, so scratch that shit.

    alright guys, i'm out.........i'll catch you in a few days

    and lindsey.....stop fuckin with my jacket


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