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LifeAsAHo (lifeasaho) wrote,
@ 2003-07-20 22:43:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:Soap Channel

    my week end..........
    so on friday i didnt go 2 percussion camp cuz i was on a "family vaca" trip. and then i got back from that vaca at like 2 pm on friday and then went 2 waterford with athena..... we saw how 2 deal at like was good we wanted whit 2 come but she couldnt so me and athena had a waterford night out by ourself's (which hasnt happned in a long time) we chilled there until like 11:40 or so.......then on sat. me, my mom and athena went 2 the mall(s).....festival bay and millenia mall.....i really didnt get nething but a rainbow candle....YAY!.....but athena has a shit load of money now from excel and she went on a shopping spree man it was fun and then i got home and at like 10 thomas tells me 2 walk 2 meet him 2 give him his cd so ya i did and then later me athena and thomas were planning on doin stuff but didnt and thomas got all mad and shit and was bn a bitch!!!!(FUCKER!).....and then on sunday...i drove 2 target with my mom and then went 2 ovideo mall and shopped but i really didnt get nething again and then got home and worked on my living room....IT LOOKS GOOD PPL SO IF U WANNA COME OVER AND C IT COME ON OVER!!! ok im goin 2 get off subject....its been a long time since ive wrote something in here but im goin 2 say late stuff went 2 hawaii and left us....i miss her shes gone 4 a long time like 2 weeks i im the only white person in the oreo click and i need her back! joy come back and i wont call u a mexican nemore! ok now im goin 2 go and watch phone booth so l8er

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2003-08-27 18:46 (link)
hey, you sound cool. what is your phone number?? i thiink i know you

it is my birthdy today. happy me. ok love 2 look at you, i thikn

bye bye

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Re: umm
2003-08-31 15:38 (link)
hi my name is kimber i go 2 uhs in orlando who r u?

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