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alexx (lexxxias) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 07:57:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:brand new ; good thing...

    i'm going out with kris campbell and your not.
    school was fun. but after was so much better. i love kaitlyn, wendy and my gothic princess<3

    we drove to oldbridge and then carteret to drop dale off and then that took forever cuz dale gives shitty directions lol and then we came to my house in no time. and we just chilled watched the virgin suicides or at least part of it and then we were just laying there talking and i was like so what do u consider us and he's like oh wow look at this picture and i'm like way to change the subject asshole and then he laughed and said idk i guess are u my girlfriend? and i was like well are you going to ask me? and in this really dumb voice he was like "uhh would u be my gf?"and i kissed him and said yes lmao. i'm such a nerd. then he was looking at my movies and calling me a nerd for liking lotr's and harry potter :( ...and BRITNEY SPEARS lol. god, he's just great. then we both changed and it was still 4:30 and we just watched tv for a bit then he was like okay we gotta go. so i call my mom fifty billion times and she doesn't answer so we just leave and then i leave her a mess. from his car and she calls me back screaming at me. ugh, i hate her sometimes i swear. she almost ruined it but kris made up for it. then we get to burger king and i get a cheese burger. lmao speaking of whoppers. we had gone to burger king earlier with dale lmfao and there were these two mexicans sitting next to us and dale kept lookin at them and they were like yoooo you got ay prolem son? and he's like nahh, i'm good and their like then why you keep lookin ova here? and he's like sorry. and they told him not too look over anymore so we all looked out the window good times. kris uses fucking 12 packets of ketchup and like 50 pickles it's so cute. lol . anywho, i get my cheese burger and i eat it and we were just talking and stuff. he told me i was perfect :-D. then we made our way to quick chek so we could buy gum. lmfao kris got a mocha coffee thing and like put fucking 11 sugars in it. well lets just say he's a funny kid. then i got my gum and since we had about an hour to kill we sat in his car in the parking lot and just chilled. eeeeh! so hawt<3. then drove over to dunkin donuts,then we met up with tom and went to the venue. stood outside for fucking 20minutes and kris didn't have his jacket so he was all up in mine lol aww.

    so they finally let us in but ppl with hard tix could go in first so we had to wait on another line so gay. then we get in and kris buys a shirt that says "tie me to the bed post" just cuz we both thought it was kinky. i have to say today was utterly perfect. then we go in and wait an hour and a half for the first band to play which was cauterize <3 so great live. kris and i were kissing and holding each other and he was always holding my hand and it had nothing to do with sex at all and it made me so happy knowing he finally mine. after so long. ya know? anywho after cauterize's setwe waited another 45 minutes and then campfire girls came on which by the way are a group of heroin overdosed assholes. who can't play lol they sucked. then eve 6 came on and the lead singer was fucking crazy. he musta bin trippin on acid cuz he was fuckin gone. but me and kris left after like their fourth song cuz he has SAT's tomorow and he needed to get me home so that he can get home before his curfew. we get to my house and he kissed me and we both said thanks for an amazing day. i went inside and he left.

    i have to say he is amazing. i love him so much. ayy, wow what a day. haha i was teasing him so bad at the show finding all his little spots that drive him crazy. aww he's so pretty lol. i told him that and he was like not as pretty as you<3 i am so fucking happy.

    tomorow my beautiful sister is sleeping over after we see her boyfriend. so i'm happy. wow best day in a while.

    when i got home my mom yelled at me and i made up some lame story and she bought it and then i was like oh btw were going out.

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2003-12-20 12:26 (link)
yes i decided that i will cry 5 1/2 times

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