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TaRa C0lleEn (lettingxg0) wrote,
@ 2003-09-17 23:44:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated

    Hey d0ne mi j0urnal n0w...i kn0 i kn0 it d0es suxs but i dun kare i juss neEd sumfin to write in...well wut did i d0 t0dai?¿ ummm h0ld 0n let me try t0 think....ooh yea well i w0ke up sat 0n da c0uch n watch sum sports thingy cuz mi br0ther w0uldnt let me change the channel then he left n i watched D0ra The Expl0rer hehe ((im so0o kiddish)) n then Danny came back from mi aunts so0o changed da channon again n then i ate sum fruity pebbles n then i went on da computer 4 a while n then jamie called me n sed shes c0min over n then i g0t ready..n then we went t0 g0 fill up mi tire n then as we were driving away da tire popped in mi car n me n jamie n mi dad were cracking up cuz it was sm0kin n it was c0min 0ut da wind0ws n shyt..haha dat was funny...so0o then me n jamie were stuck wit 0ne bike 4 da day soo0o i put her 0n da fr0nt of da red bike n we rode around da block n i stood up n i was like u smell like chocolate n then we started laughin n fell 0ff da bike n landed in da street n then laughed our asses 0ff... n then at nite me njamie went to tanyas sccr gamen then to the high sko0l oritentation which was bo0ring but then we ran around da sko0l which was kewl alrite mi brother is g0in to make me an xanga cuz dis journal suxs balls....... haha l8ter

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