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Christi (lett_go) wrote,
@ 2005-11-13 23:31:00
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    Current mood: sympathetic

    this ones gunna be a doozie
    ok, where do i bout @ mandarin, where mel and i tried to get the bartender to give us an alcoholic drink and when nes and mel were hustlin food, LMAO. and then i went home to talk to mi nazi parents before i was alloud to sleep over at mels, which was basicaly them bitching at me for god knows what (i forgot to listen) and ya....well that nyte, me and laura and mel and rebecks had a thats seventy show moment and then we went to sleep. i dont think becki has ever slept in that late! well we watched tv, ate mac, n cheese for breakfast (@ like 11) and then after watchign tons of tv, becks and i went home to rake leaves, laundry, clean rooms ect. and then at round 5 o'clock, i got a phone call from the church saying that i was hosting the youth service (i totally forgot:S) but it was a pretty easy job and mi parents like me that much more because of it. laura asked me to sleep over but mi parents didnt feel like driving me over to her hosue and woudlent let me walk there. which was ok because i have been relee tired lately and relee need sleep. well the next morning i got to sleep in because technically i went to church the night b4, so i slept in and spent thw whole day watching tv and folding laundry *joy*--->j/k, and now im cramming for this in-class essay i need to write tomorow....well i need to re-view mi spark notes now because i didnt read the whole book so peace hommie

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