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sarah (letme_loveyou) wrote,
@ 2004-11-27 08:25:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:Miss you ( remix )-Jay z ft Aaliyah

    Well guess who decided to comment in my livejournal and give me advice..Josie.Never would have guess would you have?I havent talked to her in like a month.Boy how things do change in the matter of no time.It was nice to hear but then I was like..your gonna tell me how to love.You broke my heart..I wanna try to avoid that this time.I wish I could call and hear her voice..but when I call she is never home..and when I think about it..I dont really want to talk.I just need to hear her voice..I miss how things used to be.She used to be the only one who could make me smile.It was the best feeling in the world to know I'd have someone to run to when my day didnt go as planed..or better yet she wanted to share her day with me.damn.I miss her.But what can I do..her life is totally different.I need to stop wasting my time actually thinkin things will be how they were one day.Im moving on..just cautiously.Gotta go.Work 9-4.

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2004-11-29 21:14 (link)
That's not how it was meant to come across at all...I just said try not to hurt people by changing your mind so much.Didn't mean to be telling how to love.It's none of my business anyway....I just wanted to comment.

I wrote you an email cuzz I'm gonna be leaving soon, if you don't write back.No hard feelings from my end.I know you don't wanna talk....

I just thought you'd wanna know if I was leaving instead of you just calling one day and my mom says I don't live there anymore (even though I don't see you anymore.) I would still want you to tell me if you were moving away somewhere..You know?
Hope you don't mind me commenting in here since you didn't say anything to my post in your other one I kinda got the feeling you don't want me to comment.But I guess that's it...

- Josie

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2004-11-29 21:57 (link)
"Love is a bird, she needs to fly...
Let all the hurt inside of you die...
You're frozen, when your heart's not open."

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