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Lesley (lesuhhlee19b) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 10:44:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:50cent ~ 21 questions

    good morning
    hi everyone. Yeah i know i didn't write in here saturday or sunday, at least i think so.. but i probably just forgot to and all. Well saturday, i was all around and i forget what i did, so i'll just tell you about Sunday. Sunday, my mom dropped her paperwork off at home health and then we went over to the car sales place that had my sisters car. We checked it out, and now we're goin back there tomorrow to buy it. Now, next thing..
    We went to Motorworld to check out my mom's new love. lol, yeah it was gorgeous. It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition.. power EVERYTHiNG, and i do mean everything. It was just gorgeous, no need to explain it. So now my mom is hooked on that car, since she didn't get the other one that she wanted. Then we went to the mall, cuz my sister just had to go to Victoria Secrets to buy a $32 bra. I would never spend $32 on one friggen bra. Then we just wanted to look for an earring for my moms top of her ear at Claires, but she left empty-handed and i found a pack of dangly earrings. I dunno why i love danglys, but i just do. :) So then we were leaving the mall, and my mom goes... who is up for Olive Garden?! Soo of course we were like, yeah! lol, So we stuffed overselves there.. and then my sister dropped me off at Billy's house for his party. That was actually fun. Everyone was getting thrown into the pool, everyone but me ..since i kinda sorta couldn't swim yesterday, for 'reasons'. lol Then one of Billys parents friends got a super soaker and filled it up with warm soapy water and was spraying everyone with it. Yeah then Rachelle was getting outta the pool, and she slips and falls right off the one step of the deck. OMG, it was hilarious! ahahahhaa, (sorry rachelle, i just had to add that!) :) Oh yeah, speaking of Rachelle, she is finally allowed to get her bellybutton pierced and i think she is going today with her friend Maria. So thats awesome. I already got mine months ago, so it doesn't matter to me! :) Uhm, yeah.. then i left Billys house and came home.. and then wasn't feeling too good, soo i was online for not even an hour and anyone who knows me knows that i stay online for hours on end here, so you could tell i wasn't feeling good. I just went right to bed at like 11:30, and that NEVER happens. Ok, i think i informed you about everything now. I'll just hafta update later. Bye!

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