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Terri (lestari) wrote,
@ 2004-03-28 18:05:00
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    Current mood: frustrated

    To a stranger... my friend

    As time flies,
    your soul dies,
    drown in bitterness of lies,
    can't you hear it's cries?

    The big wide smile,
    the mask from a mile,
    it only takes a while,
    to figure out why.

    Changing hue of red, blue, black,
    marks on your asian skin,
    may it be front or back,
    a secret down the rubbish bin

    So you run,
    mix glasses of whisky and coke,
    thinking of havin fun,
    only to end up getting choke.

    You want to be someone better,
    and denied he's your lover,
    you called it over,
    but end up together and barter.

    You sacrificed everyone,
    your sisters, and friends,
    loosing thrust, one by one,
    not too sure, how it ends.

    As time flies,
    your soul dies,
    drown in bitterness of lies,
    can't you hear it's cries?

    I miss my friend,
    and i dedicate this to her,
    I'm here if she's willing to find,
    since she chose to be a stranger,

(Post a new comment) now honey....i'm offering my shoulder.
2004-03-29 00:28 (link) worries dearie...i'm here to lend a shoulder to cry on...I know exactly how you feel...
it's absolutely frustrating and to tell you the truth, I've been thru it many a times's best
if you seek someone who would listen to you and let it all out....and DO NOT attempt to persuade that
particular friend of yours to change her mind or anything like that. It will not only bruise your ego but she or he might think very lowly of you after your attempt...and you may never be friends ever again.....OH HELL!!
I can go on and on about this but I won't....this is all I can possibly advice for the time being.


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