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Terri (lestari) wrote,
@ 2004-02-27 22:58:00
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    Current mood: accomplished

    Done for the week
    It has been 6 days since I have been home alone. Since I moved to the hostel, I forgot what is it like to spent time with my tortoise and terrapin. Mom says, since I left, my terrapin only eats 1 to 2 of its palletes. Everytime I came back, I came back with so many assignments that I tend to forget about my children. Mom wanted me to sent both of them to one of her friends which I was really reluctant too. I could have sent it to Ari!! and I know he'll take good care of it.. but nahh.. I'd be home alone right? Im still waiting for something to break these silence.

    The same day my parents left, on the same night, somebody broke into my dad's Kenari car. I was just in time to get my ass down.. just to get myself in a shock.. and no i am not bothered risking my life chasing after these asholes. I wanna sent it to the mechanic to get the windows fix, but I dont have the kiss, so Im just gonna leave it as it is. Ofcourse I freaked out, so that evening I went out with Adrina for a movie and later with Daniel for Shisha till late night.

    On Monday, I had rehearsels for my play from 10am-4pm. I was complaining because I wasn't anymore an Indonesian bomoh, and I had to be upstairs right above the roof. I am scared of heights, and I have never act without moving around.. So yeah I was quite pissed with my part. Later in the evening, Curry Ayam and Karen came over to my house. How sweet of them. Watch what ever was on astro and had pizza. Then later around 1 am I went to meet up with Shiv.

    I went to Baskin Robbins and MC'Ds Taipan with Tanya and Kelly. Straight away BROKE!! Tanya and I had a little talk about a friend of mine who recently had a tatoo. Glad that I won the argument... well SOmetimes comparison is good

    My period was delayed for 2 weeks, today, I felt sick. My stomach aches and my head aches like hell... I see 3 visions of every object. I saw blood on my bed and I knew that I had my period. I fell off the bed only to get to know I couldnt even stand. 6:30am, Im smsing everyone that I may not make it for class... but I never did tell them my condition. And so what if I did, like adhsive any of them could have entered the house or atleast knew where the house was. I laid on the floor for 3 hours till my cleaner who was not suppose to come, came. With everything aching, the last thing i need to hear is someone screaming... I thought my ear drums were gonna burst!! I went to the clinic, my dad's friend... and he thought, that I was planning on aborting my baby... Point is... how can I have a baby if I havent had sex? Gosh, GRANNY BATCH thinks they know everything.. really annoying. I told my maid I was okay when we came back. She wanted to stay over.. and I lied that I was going back to the hostel. That night, I went out with Immie to hartamas, smoke up and played CS.. as well as.. ermm.. I dun remember nevermind..

    8am I already have to be at Malaysian Studies. Why didnt my parents just allow me to go New Zealand... I swear I needn't had to sit for this dumb shit. Thank god there's Farhan and Lyanna who keeps on answering the questions cause I was stone like hell. I tought i could straight away go home.. when Rey gave us a last minute rehearsal. so here's the situation. I just had a role of weed and later ate, hormone pills. I was in no condition to act as a fierce, scary, unpredictable magician. Futhermore, to be right up at the metal platform. Im stoned!! and Rey was telling me how i chose my character's biodata too soon.. that it becomes too predictable bla blabla... and he starts babbling why I choose to sit still on the table (wasn't that what he directed?)... so here is his other instructions... Move around, like a qrazy woman and resemble myself as a spider. In me, I'm going like SHIT!!! I cant even walk straight and he wants me to do a spider movement. As I was acting at the hanging platform... I prayed hard to be straight for I dont want to fall down. My movements wasnt that fast but yeah, I did it with not much intensity. Later on, Lyanna asked for a favour, to teman her to UPM. The map she has is shit!! its soo incomplete/complicated, then again, I could have been stonned. So yeah... we got loss somewhere.. stop by a bengkel... so the chinese mechanics.. and seriously i dun understand what fuck he said. But we got to UPM.. met the lecturer.. chit chat... and balik rumah.. and later kong out!! At night, I went out with Kaka, Amelia and her sister over to Starbucks Seksyen 14. Gosh!! I really have to brush up my indonesian... really badly

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