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Terri (lestari) wrote,
@ 2004-02-03 00:31:00
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    Current mood: intimidated

    Make-OveR... NEVER
    She said,

    "Terri do a make-over, I think your cool but you just need a make-over."

    I felt my heart crushed. This ain't her first time saying that and I know it will never be her last. I know she says sorry after telling me such, and I know she's saying it because its for the best in me. She has expectations, I will never give in.... I know I will never allow myself to be, the person she wants me to be... I will, but only if its on stage...
    never in person...




    I guess the only way to relieve the both of us, is to stay away from each other; TO LET IT GROW APART. is this possible?

    edited: I went through too many consequences, conflicts, love and hatred to be where I am today... I got injured, hurt, loss, as well as gained alot just to understand my talents, capabilities, weaknesses and flaws and foremost; myself. I am for once, what you say, happy... I know I'm alone but alas I am the person I've always wanted to be... "rich in life" I am for once doing something passionate, not many people get to do. I am surrounded by wonderful people. People who accepts me!! so even if I walked naked down the streets *figure of speech* I know they will still call me a friend. Why be someone else??? after everything I have fought for to be the person I am today???? I love you my friend, but I can't do that... no I can't do that... cause I love myself more...

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