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Rebecca (lemonhead177) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 12:13:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:evanescence- my immortal

    im always pretending to be happy, but inside im crying...... always crying
    i lost my best friend last night. it was a funny thing to go through with my cousen watching. i didnt cry, but she saw the pain in my eyes. the car ride home was unbearable. i knew that my dad was looking at me thru the mirror, so i held back the tears. i felt nothing but the pain inside my body. not phisical pain, but emotionall pain. i have never felt it like this before. i felt it all thru my body. in my stomach, my fingers, my legs, my toes. i got home and went up to my room. i read thru my diary, of all the times i wrote about me and sasha going to the mountain, or me and sasha going to the movies and having so much fun. i stained the pages with all my tears.

    i cried myself to sleep that night, and i woke up with fresh tears on my face. i had been crying in my sleep, without even knowing it.

    dreams are wishes your heart makes when you are fast asleep.

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2003-12-28 02:40 (link)
Im sorry about what I said but I had nothing to do with what Sasha did or thought about you. So yeah....

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2003-12-31 21:18 (link)
im sry i realli am

im crying right now

i was a jerk i shouldnt hve made u go thro that i should have been there 4 u-ur a great friend im sry-i wish i could have been

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