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Rebecca (lemonhead177) wrote,
@ 2003-10-16 06:16:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:eminem: the way i am

    hi. im surprized i actually ever made one of these! i never thought i would. today in field hockey we had to run 3 laps which definatly didnt make my legs feel any better. im tired and need sleep. in ifeld hockey we played this stupid game called sisters and then we played one on one, and i won against sam, and then we had a scrimmage which was really fun, eevn though it was freezing as always. me cassie and meagan {NOT culkeen} made up a new name for rachel: chelupo! idk wut to put in here. i wonder if anyone will ever read it. today was supposed to b joe's last day and i was gonna say bye to him and everything SEEING he made out with me i guess it wouldv been ok but he idnt show up to skool.i still miss him even though he hasnt said one word to me since that night.

    today it was so funni in chorus. ok so im guessing you all saw our pirate today!?! wee if u didnt, rachel peron dressed up as a pirate today. black paint on face, rubber sword, stupid scarfs, all the pirate gear. so in chorus i was drawing a snowman on the bord and i was like "did evryone c that girl dressed up as a piratre today? what a freak!" and like 4 of the losers in our class wer like "she looks COOL! " and i was like "ok dont u find it weird that she was dressed up as a pirate? its not even halloween!" well.. things got kinda bad and jamie helped defend me and we had good points that we made but the merantest thing i said was in the beginning and that was when i said " what a freak" but yea meaghan ended up going to guidance and karaa ended up like bawling and shes all " she is my BEST FRIEND! TEAR TEAR!" and i was like " god were fricken teenagers! if you cant handle people expressing their opinions about pl dressing up in pirate suits... how are you going to handle life!?!?"

    it was actually really hilarious cuz jamie ened up bitching out the chorus teacher and she didnt even get in trouble. wow that was a frunni day!

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