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Prairie Girl (lemonemke) wrote,
@ 2007-08-21 09:10:00
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    Todd didn't get home until 9pm last night. So, I made supper and then subsequently talked on the phone most of the night.

    First I talked to Jana, which was fantastic. We both lamented about how much we miss our friends in Saskatoon. (Do you hear that, friends in Saskatoon? We miss you a lot!) How wonderful it is to have a group of friends you can call up any time you like, and hang out in any state - be it happy, or grumpy, or unshowered in sweat pants and a ponytail. Good times.

    Then Todd's sister called, so I talked to her for a while. We may meet them in Atlanta at the beginning of December. It would be really fun if this worked out, but the way our travel plans have been going lately I really can't cross my fingers. I'll believe it when I see it.

    Then Todd's mom called (and dad), so I talked to her for a while. She mentioned to me that with Todd's office move, he no longer walks to work and isn't getting exercise anymore. Good point! I totally missed that.

    Now, Todd has been really wanting a "beer fridge" for his new office, and so last night while I was getting ready for work, I had a great idea. I thought - "I'll make an exercise chart! And for every week we make our exercise goals, we each get $10 in "household" money (non-allowance money), and after 10 weeks Todd can buy his beer fridge and I can get... whatever... new pants or shoes or something! Haha! Brilliant!"

    I shared my idea with Todd immediately, who warmed to it slightly, but expressed that it needed some tweaking. Right. Tweaked as in, more-money-faster-less-exercise...

    I almost poured orange juice on my cornflakes this morning again. I think I've been a bit distracted lately. Yesterday I even messed up the 1 out of 6 Sudoku in The Hill Times. Sheesh.

    Anyway. Best get back to work. I have a pile of messages to organize and distribute.

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2007-10-08 14:19 (link)
Where you been girlie? You haven't blogged in 4ever!

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2012-09-17 05:01 (link)
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