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Des Plaisirs Mondain (lemondain) wrote,
@ 2003-01-29 21:39:00
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    Hi, I´m In Mexico!
    I´m in Mexico, which I realize that my few Blurty and uJ readers may not have known. The LJ server is being annoying, so I´ll post here.

    Oh how I love it here. Today we went to an outdoor market, which I didn´t like that much, but oh well. There´s a really nice one that we´ve been to twice. They have silver rings and necklaces for under US$10 and other nice stuff. My mom bought a scarf/shall thing that´s really pretty.

    There are these little kids in the neighborhood that stand outside and shoutl "HELLO" and sort of taunt us. I decided to go stand out there and call back at them "¡Hola!" and them my mom said that I should say something else to them, so that they wouldn´t think we´re just a bunch of stupid gringos who don´t speak the language. So I started talking with the kids, they were a little shy and were sort of hiding behind this car about one apartment over. Slowly they came over, at one point they were all sitting in a line on the lawn asking us the English words for things. It reminded me of when I was younger and I would play school and make my sister sit and learn things. Hahaha. It was really cool. They only knew a few words in Spanish. The oldest one, who was 11, kept shouting "What time is eet (it)?" and they would pepper there sentences with random inglés. We would hear things like ¿Es ella tu seestare? with their thick accents. They counted from one to ten in English. It was cool.

    Tomorrow we are going to the beach, a little "mini-vacation". That may seem a bit decadent, but, honestly, we´re at home and being in Morelia, while obviously a nice escape from home(it´s no coincidence that I haven´t been on AIM express...yet...) we all still bicker and we need to be able to get away from each other. I take a shower every night almost religously; after a full day with la familia it´s a little bit trying.

    But, honestly, I can hardly complain!

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2003-02-08 14:30 (link)
Hey, I have a question, is Oct. 15 really your birthday or did you just make that up for your userinfo profile? =)

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2003-02-11 11:56 (link)
Nope, it´s my real birthday. I believe it´s the same on my LJ profile.

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