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Hannah (leighannalife) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 01:34:00
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    I need someone to talk to right now, and I have no one. I feel like shit. There is NOTHING I can do right...EVER. I'm not smart, I'm not funny. I AM just Hannah...and people keep saying that like its a good thing. Its not.

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hey I just read this trust me Ur not alone
2003-11-08 04:05 (link)
Hellow this is Tyler my user name is gatts. how bout we be freinds. Im from Houston, TX. and Ive been told Im a nice guy. I hate school and Im love to fight ,partyhave funz sum times I can be an school tha police and sum times my lifeIm alwayz open to people they can tell me any thing I keep secrets real well. I look older than what age I am Im 17 3/4 but I look 24but If I shave my gotee Ilook a lot younger. So like Ur not alone cause Im now Ur freind my Aim name iz allwaz black. my email iz tlyerhunter@hotmail .com my freind set up tha acconts so I dont know what allwaz black means.
So if U ever fill like contacktin me just rach me at those locations
Ur new freind Tyler

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2003-11-08 05:13 (link)
hey im joe...if u need sombody to tlk to im always on during the night hours....IM me at rocktillithurts k? bye -jOe-

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Hannah is cool to the power of 678167826981678926897687267862178691678963278961767853691508530681765
2003-11-10 17:33 (link)
what the fuck?!?!?!?!??!?!?! if you weren't funny, then when you come to visit i'd sit here with a blank look on my face. and you're damn smart, i dont know what you're talkin about

and check that out....i've been on this god damned site for about a year and you're already gettin random guys addin you as friends. well, i've only had this account for a few months, but thats just cause my other one got suspended.

if you ever wanna call, go for it. and thanksgivin is only a few weeks away i think, so hopefully ill get to come down soon.

love ya!


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