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Fox and Talen (leechimera) wrote,
@ 2009-11-24 19:25:00
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    You ask yourself, why do we design?
    Why do I pursue the aims I do, in the names of game balance?

    It's because of the people who support the underdog. It's because of those people who admire and respect the fighter. It's for people like her.

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(Fox head)
2009-11-24 18:46 (link)
I can tell you why I design - because I can't leave well enough alone. Because some part of me can't bear to think "I love this, but it would be better if..." and then not act on the if. In some small way, I guess, it is my way of living up to the ideal of doing something rather than whining about it.

The other reason is momentum. If I have to fix one if, I have to fix them all. Otherwise we'd have a huge messy pile of ifs and if-nots all just mixed up together, and that way lies madness.

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2009-11-25 02:59 (link)
Um, yeah, couldn't get the link to work.

What was I looking at?


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