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led (ledled) wrote,
@ 2012-03-06 10:32:00
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    Extractor Fan like to do their

    Extractor Fan like to do their

    "At present, China's manufacturing industry from the 'Made in China' upgrade to 'Created in China', Single Phase Motors the process is inseparable from the promotion of technological innovation, the only continuous innovation, competition could be sustained control of the right to speak." In recent years, with the "tea Yefu Nong" policy of promotion, and has made great progress, and the simultaneous increase in tea there is an important part of tea machinery industry. Tea Packing Machinery in the domestic competition intense, Yu Sheng company always adhere to the "courage to do themselves," From its inception, will adhere to the independent R & D line.

    Its innovative products full automatic vacuum pillow type food Y3 Motors bags, greatly promoted the China tea machinery industry by the "scale speed" to "quality and efficiency" of the transformation of development. "So far, the development of the packaging machine after two revolutions. Now is the tea machinery from a product operation to brand operation critical period of change", has nearly twenty years experience in the mechanical production of food machinery Co., Ltd. for the future of tea machinery to have a unique perspective.

    The first revolution occurred in the early 1990s, around 2008, which we call "product operational phase", Extractor Fan at this stage as the initial stage of development of the industry, the manufacturers are not very different, basically in the "Who products , on whom to buy "market atmosphere; second revolution began in 2008, which we call" brand management "stage. The global financial crisis hit, to accelerate the packaging machine fields shuffle pattern. With the market maturing, quality and service consumers become increasingly demanding. At the same time, "the original missing" capacity for independent innovation is weak, fake imitation is serious, the brand and less discordant notes, Cutter Grinders but also seriously hindered the healthy development of tea ordinary pressure filling machine of the road.

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