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Leah Vanatta Fisher (leahvfisher) wrote,
@ 2012-05-24 22:14:00
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    Current mood:sweetened
    Current music:Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within YouTube

    God Timed Them Together
    Today while online at the Lakewood library this afternoon I felt an earthquake. Some other people mentioned it too. After a little while I brought up the aish website and saw the earthquake they had; they had just had an earthquake too. Interesting...:/ and exciting :) Last week I felt the kind of feeling at the end of contractions like an internal pressure that has a light and soft vibrational emmanence from my womb. I saw clouds in the sky today anyone would take pictures of. One was a very distinct face in profile and two were like the Graceful Arch. What these experiences mean to me today is Our Lord Jesus is listening to us and telling us according to what we are saying and doing. It is the plate he serves. Like when I got the huge plate of food from the soup kitchen in Atlantic City and there was too much food and I was really scared but, it all worked out fine and I was so fed that day (I should have been more concerned about kosher though). God is going to knock those walls over with his mighty power. I shopped for grocery deals today and since I bought raisin granola I have found that with ginger tea or lemon tea and a sprinkle of basil it makes a very nice breakfast. These are better than vanilla yogurt in granola if adding a banana. Golden raisins..really extra tasty to add in too, just a few.

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