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el bano (lcy5140) wrote,
@ 2005-02-09 21:16:00
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    i found this in one of my entries from last year. i cant believe how much of a fag i was...some of those answers were a little out of hand. yeah im redoing it...


    1) What's in your CD player?
    The Strokes-Is This It?
    2) What color socks are you wearing?
    i'm currently not wearing any
    3) What's under your bed? lots of crap. stuff from very long ago and books and yeah...crap, junk, etc. trash probably too...need to clean it out
    4) What time did you wake up today?


    1) What is your career going to be? i dunno...

    2) Where are you going to live? i dunno...knowing me i'll probably end up living with my parents...loser

    3) How many kids do you want? i dont want to think of kids...sick. when im 48 and get married to woody...then i'll talk

    4) What kind of car will you drive? well i wouldnt mind a black escalade...but thats way to expensive. i think just some piece of crap car


    1) Current hair: brown and sick

    2) Current clothes: jeans, polo with a camisole

    3) Current jewelry: ring, live strong bracelet ( a loser) and nothing else

    4) Current annoyance: people who think they know everything and have to add to two cents to fucking everything. you know who you are bitches

    5) Current smell: no smell

    6) Current longing: haha...i'm such a loser...hook up with someone...i think everyone knows by now who im talking about. Manure...haha

    7) Current desktop picture: its all black

    8) Current favorite music artist: the cure and the strokes

    9) Current book: dont have one

    10) Current worry: i have lots...i dunno...lots of things

    11) Current hate: my dad

    12) Current favorite article of clothing: dont have one


    1) Physical feature on a girl: ummm, i dont really have one...

    2) Physical feature on a guy: eyes

    3) One person you wish was here right now: no one really

    5) I am happiest when: im with all my friends and when my dad is gone

    6) I feel lonely when: i'm all alone and when im just about to go to bed...and sometimes at school

    7) Favorite authors: dont have one

    8) Do you think too much? yes...

    9) If you could live anywhere in the world, where? hawaii

    10) Famous person you have met: havent met anyone...but i'd definitely like to fuck johnny depp

    11) Do you have any regrets? yes

    12) Sex or love? love

    13) Favorite coffee: frappichinos

    14) Favorite smell: dont really have one...oh wait, i forgot...shit that's 12.384 days old

    15) What makes you mad? A LOT of things...i dont feel like making a list

    16) Favorite way to waste time: sit and stare at the wall...and sleep

    17) What is your best quality? i dunno

    18) Do you currently like someone? yeah...cuz im a loser

    19) What's the craziest thing you have ever done: stab this guy named gheorge. he seriously had an h in his name

    20) Any bad habits?yeah...lots but i dont feel like making lists

    21) Do you find it hard to trust people? no

    22) Last thing you bought yourself: ummm...a cd? i dunno

    22) Bath or shower: bath...but i never take one...its always a shower

    23) Favorite season: spring

    24) Favorite color: green

    25) Favorite time of day: at 3:34

    26) Gold or silver? silver

    27) Any secret crushes? yes


    1) Do you wear a watch? no

    2) Favorite pants color: how about just normal blue jeans

    3) Most expensive item of clothing: i dont fucking know. i guess this skirt that my mom made me get so i would look nice

    4) Most treasured item of clothing: i dont have one


    1) Do your friends know you? my good friends

    2) What do they tend to be like? outgoing, confident, weird, funny, and very kind

    3) Can you count on them? yes

    4) Can they count on you? i think so...except for doing things outside of school thanks to dear old dad


    1) Last book you read: i think it might have been catcher in the rye...which is sad cuz that was in the summer

    2) Last movie you saw: the aviator

    3) Last movie you saw on the big screen: the aviator

    4) Last show you watched on tv: mad tv

    5) Last song you heard: Radiohead: creep

    6) Last thing you had to drink: water

    7) Last thing you ate: a sloppy joe

    8) Last time you showered: yesterday evening

    9) Last time you smiled: earlier today? i dunno

    10) Last time you laughed: on the bus

    11) Last person you hugged: umm i dunno

    12) Last person you talked to online: i dunno

    13) Last person you talked to on the phone: Liz

    DO YOU

    1) Smoke? no

    2) Do drugs? no

    3) Drink alchohol? no...but i wish i had gotten wasted at liz's...we dont have shit here except for wine. that opportunity wont come along for awhile

    4) Sleep with stuffed animals? no

    5) Have a dream that keeps coming back? i cant think of any

    6) Play an instrument? guitar

    7) Believe there is life on other planets? maybe...

    8) Read the newspaper? sometimes...

    9) Have any gay or lesbian friends? i know some people that are, but we havent really talked in awhile

    10) Believe in miracles? yes...maybe

    11) Consider yourself tolerant? yeah...for the most part

    12) Consider police a friend or foe? friend

    13) Like the taste of alchohol? not guinness...but i havent really tried other stuff

    14) Have a favorite Stooge? no

    15) Believe in astrology? depends

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