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*LiSa* (lbell) wrote,
@ 2004-04-12 09:58:00
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    alright, my spring break has been pretty kick ass so far. Saturday nite i had to work and close but when i got off me and steph went to kelsey's and we made sum drinks.. haha.. They were good we made margaritas... yummy :) And we stood up on Kelsey's balcony and there were these guy across the street standing there and of course kels screams "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??" and they were like who are you? and being all gay and saying stupid stuff then one guuy was like my name is Clinton Hummer.. and It really was.. and then the clint guy came up under the balcony to talk to us and then later all the other guys came and talked to us. We finally ended up coming down from the balcony to talk to them. A couple of them were really cute.. I had to go home at 11:30 so i went home and then I went to bed.. I called Jordan back because i left my phone in my car and he had called 3 times while i was at kelsey's so I called and talked to him.. He said the place he was staying at was really nice and some other crap... anyways.. Sunday was easter, I worked in the morning and ate dinner at 3 with my sister and family before she left for school. And then I slept pretty much until 7 and then hung out with kelsey and meghan martyak and then kristen,jarrod and brooke and then later on nik and his friend yulian. I had to be home at 11:30 again.. no suprise when i got home my rents were dead asleep it was bullshit.. Oh well we didn't really do anything last nite anyways.. Right now, I am talking to Jamie.. Jamie is a guy from work that left because he was going to Iraq. He is in Iraq now talking to me It's kinda cool.. He said he was hot and tired and it was pretty nice there except for the mortar attacks.. whatever those are.. I asked him if he shot anyone or anything, he said no he didn't want to do that he just fixed trucks all day. I haven't talked to Jamie since December... He is the coolest guy.. I told him I wrecked my car within the first week of my license he was like.. Don't worry I wrecked mine within the first 16hours of having mine.. haha he said he ran into a parked car. Well anyways,I have to work 6 days this weeek! I'm going to be makin lots a money for my honey! I think I'm going to roll out. Peace

    p.s i have a new journal because this one is all messed up.. but if you want to know the new address just comment. I'll give it to ya

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2004-04-12 12:25 (link)

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2004-04-12 12:52 (link)
lol sorry karla yea it is

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