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*LiSa* (lbell) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 13:40:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    this has been by FAR the worst week of my life. 1st thing.. i lost the braclet jordan got my for valentines day. 2nd i didn't make the tennis team for a bullshit reason. 3rd i got in a car accident with a 90 day temporary license. But my whole nite last nite was alll bad. Here is what happened... After i got home from school jordan came over and then kristen and her friends stopped byt then i went to tennis and i didn't make the tennis team because " it would mess up my hockey game" whatever i don't care about that shit anymore. 2nd i got home from taking jordan home from soccer, took a shower, went over to megans, then to jordan's... i picked up jordan and i don't even know what happened from there, all i know is we went to 711.. the lady accused jordan of stealing.. so jordan left and I drove to food lion and picked him up. Then i know i met kristen and brittany at food lion and we were going to this guys house.. then some how plans changed and kristen had to lead the way.. and the next thing i knew i don't even quite remember .. i think brooke flashed her lights and and it blinded me for a minute because i couldn't see anything then i saw kristen braked so i slammed on the brakes and my car rammed under her car. I was the scarriest thing that has ever happened to me. thank god i was wearing my seat belt or else i probably woulddn't be writting here right now. My car is totalled pretty much in the front Kristen's car is a lil messed up in the back where the exhaust is... i could really tell.. but I couldn't even re act to how i was feeling.. All i wanted to do was cry and cry. It made me cry even more when jordan started crying. I just can't explain it. i had to drive my totaled car home. walking into my house to face just my mom and dad was the worst moment in my entire life.. I got my license taken away, my cell, i'm not even supposed to be on the computer, i'm not allowed to go out anywhere plus i have to pay for EVERYTHING.
    The only sign of relief was this morning when my mom came in my room and was like are u still crying? and she was telling me how kristen's mom called and she already called the insurance company's and I have to tell this person what happened. and she said that i'm going to have to pay like 200$.. thats not that bad.. last nite my dad was telling me i had to pay 3000$.. It was the worst nite of my life by far. I think it was kind of a wake up call.. but the thing is i wasn't even going past 45 mph... i know that for sure.. or else it would of been a lot worse.. but.. the thing is its ironic... all the things that happend this week to kinda hint at this.. like i was readin in the news paper about a car accident and then reading in english about someones life in slow mo flashing before their eyes.. that kinda happened to me when it happen( i know it sounds cheesy) but it really happened... I had a dream last nite about me gettin in a car accident a lot worse.. and i had actually died.. it was wierd though, i felt my body just let got and i saw nothing but a white light.. it was so trippy.. but.. i just have to learn from this.. but i have to go i'm not supposed to be on i just had to get that out.

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2004-02-28 17:44 (link)
damn. as bad as it is. it could have been so much worse.. so its hard to say it.. but we did get lucky :(

love ya always.

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