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*LiSa* (lbell) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 10:56:00
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    .. i go again another month without updating.. okay.. well valentines day was so much fun... It was one of the best valentine's days ever.. besides the one me kristen and rachael went to ruby tuesdays.. Well on Saturday.. Megan and I went over to Pat's and while she was there i took her car and drove down to Jordan's when i got there, he had a buncha people over... but as soon as i got there he gave me roses and then we went down in the basement to his room and he was like your present is on my bed.. and there was a teddy bear on his bed and he was like.. " the bear isn't your present" haha i thought was was kinda funny.. but the bear was holding a little bag with chocolates and a box with a braclet. it was one of those fake tiffany ones.. but it had an L on it, it was so pretty. :) I got him a bob marley shit, starburst and a bear holding a picture frame with a picture of me and him in it. ;) it was kinda cute haha.. and me and megan got both pat and jordan a combined present. it was funny as anything. then later we went out to eat at ruby tuesdays we were waiting there forever. and then we went over pats and chilled and watched a movie.. then the nite was over.. but it was a lot of fun. i have to go up to the school to get my license gota go. peace out girl scout

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2004-02-21 08:44 (link)
hey ..i was did you make the border around your entries??

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2004-02-24 14:07 (link)
i really don't know my friend did it for me

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2004-02-25 09:37 (link)
kk thank you anyways

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