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*LiSa* (lbell) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 21:48:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:*all i want for christmas is you*-Mariah Carey.

    long time.
    It always takes me 3 weeks to write in this thing, alright well here is the update.. well mainly guy update.. well i guess i am "talking" with this guy namesd jordan but we pretty much act like we are dating.. i really like him.. and i wish he would just ask me out.. people told me if i just bring it up then he would just ask me out. But, i dunno if i can do that.. YEA.. i can...
    Today after school we went to my house and chilled then we had to leave bc my mom told me my dad was coming home and then we went to megans then we had to leave bc he bro was coming home and would rat on her bc jordan and alex were there. So, Jordan and I had to go to Steph and Alex's swim practice.. so we sat at the Y in the lobby on the couches.. haha, then my mom picked us up and then we chilled at my house for a little, then chris picked jordan up. At 5 I had to go to work, so meg picked me up and we went to work.. and i got off at work at 9Pm so here I am! hehe.. well yea, well, i don't know what else ta say, well i'm out. Lata.

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