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*LiSa* (lbell) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 20:56:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:scientist-coldplay

    alright, i just got home from Cali last nite... and i'm now tryin to get back to the east coast time.. but yea.. i had a good time even tho i was sick the whole time i sucked it up and had fun. but i'm really not in the mood to talk about my fun time there... i have this problem..okay, i was i guess"talking" with this guy..yea, and i know i shouldn't of gotten anything started with him because i was warned by like 50 people that he wasn't a good idea. But like always, i don't take the advice and i get screwed over. :( i guess i deserve.. so i just don't understand though.. he tells me all this stuff like "i have the potential to fall in love with you", "i really like you", and he would just say things about us being together..but then.. he would talk about how he hated his ex girlfriend.. and when i got back from cali.. he tells me they are talking again.. and then he tries to blame it on that i was trying to rush things... when he was the one saying all that bullshit!!! i am so pissed i don't understand, well he said he would call me tonight and to me about it. so i guess.. i will see how things go there, but i have a feeling things aren't going to turn out like i would like them to. I am going to try and not let it bother me.. but he lead me on to like him...and i'm so pissed he lead to me believe he liked me.. whatever its bullshit...and im so upset even my friends knew, and they weren't going to even tell me, i had to say something to them..i'm so angry... i have a feeling i'm going to put him in his place when he calls, alright. i'm out buh bye

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