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*LiSa* (lbell) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 01:07:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:footloose-good charlotte

    alright.. well today kristen and I went to lake anna.. it was crowded but we had fun pplayin the gooey shit on the bottom on the water.. yes it sound gross but that shiit felt soo tiight! but yea.. we left and i went back to kristen's dads house and they are all got in the shower and then we left to take me home.. I came home ate dinner and had a shower. and then got all dressed. Raychel called me.. and she said this girl ashley invited us to stay the nite in the camper. I twas gunna be.. Me Raychie,J,Brad and ashley i think that was all.. i'm not sure.. It sounded like SOO much fun. My parents were being BITCHES! tho and woulndn't let me go.. i got in a huge fight with them. My dad was like SCREAMING i was like dammn shut up and calm down and they just didn't let me have my way (yes i know i'm a brat but they are fuckers so fuck it) haha well yea... the rest of the tnie i went up in my room and put my stero on MAX and just like cried i was soo pissed and i eventually fell asleep untill like 11:30 then i came downstairs and got online. and yea.. i was talkin to some people and now i am here. but yesh..I'mma little pissed that i couldn't go with raychel.. damn.. i wanted to hang out wiht ray and i wanted to see Jason :o) ooh well.. im out-Lisa

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2003-07-05 16:18 (link)
hey i added u add me back? :)

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2003-07-05 22:40 (link)
added :o)

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2003-07-06 16:39 (link)
niice journaL.. add mee? uno0

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2003-07-06 23:57 (link)
added =)

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