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*LiSa* (lbell) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 01:58:00
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    hehee i was reading my deadjournal bc i was bored n lookat this fly ass entry that i did.. haha

    [15 Mar 2002|12:36pm]
    [ mood | high ]

    hey i'm at karla's house and we're so F***** stoned! well we just got the DAUWG out of of the basement b/c she was snoring!!!!! i thought I was over there tootin. but then i looked behind me and i saw the DAUWG!she was just snoozing...she aint cruzin for no bruizin. I said damn DAUWG! what you been eatin? you certainly aint been speakin. you just been flat out STANKIN! and i walked upstairs and i found the dauwg wasnt there. so i screamed and i shouted. i said good god what happened? when out of no where shouted the dauwg! WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?! WOOF WOOF WOOF. it was elmer oaks the third! he was stealin my dauwgs terd! what a nerd! but dont you worry, my dauwg sent him in a hurry. As soon as i heard i heard a small puppy mur. I grabbed my DauwG! and i said good god look at that HAUWG! shes gottan so fat! i'm about to beat that dauwg with a baseball bat. well i must be goin. cuz my weed chokin. and i'm bout to be smokin!

    ahh i remember that! hahya goodtimes with karla haha those were the day iight well i thoguht i would shar iight im off to bed

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2003-07-03 10:11 (link)
hahhahahhahahahaha LOL what r u doing tomorrow? my dad says its supposed to be hot and sunny. bc today its pretty miserable out and he doesnt wanna go to lake anna. sooo hopefully u have nothin to do tomorrow.. cuz thats when were going. blah. im pissed.. damn weather. they cancelled swim team too! i had to get up 4 nuthing ;\ <33

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2003-07-03 12:32 (link)
nothin.. yea i think my hockey game tonight i gunna be canceled u htink u can stay the nite? I want ta have u n mars over or someone.. it would b fun.. so yea.. tomorrow at lake anna is good.. is your meet canceled too?

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