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Rae Heaps (lazypup) wrote,
@ 2004-01-21 22:19:00
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    Current mood:meditative

    application essay for eie (exchange program between USA and Israel.
    .~when i was asked; "what jewish person would you like to meet?" i had difficulty choosing a singular personality, and still do. i went through the qualities that people have. i imagined what professions and lifestyles i find interesting.however, i continued to lack what i needed. i made a list of people, but could not narrow it down to onle one person. then it dawned on me. i do not really want to meet anyone rich. fame does not make a member of humankind special. i want to meet a person whe fights for his or her values. i want to meet a person who i can randomly sit next to in a park or restaurant. i want to meet someone who has to worry about schooring and or taxes. i want to meet a person who can instantly forget about a bad day just from feeling the sun on his or her face. it does not matter if they are jewish, christian, muslim, from chin, africa or planet x. in fact, the more different they are from me ther better. if everyone were the same, life would be boring and bland. i want to meet an ordinary person who has so much faith behind his or her that they are almost tangible.
    .~when i meet this regular, everyday person i want to learn his or her story. more than where he or she lives and what they had for breakfast that morning. i want to know about his or her hopes and dreams, however unrealistic they might be. i want to know is his or her is afraid of the dark or if his or her stutters when his or her gets nervous. i want to know about his or her beliefs. does he or she believe in G-d? in what state does G-d exist? does he or she have faith in the greater goodness of manking. and if they believe that if one person can make a difference than one person can affect others and use their combined strength in numbers. i whould like to know what he or she prays for and why/ i want to know what words and sentiments they share, or where he or she finds the most comfortable to pray, read or think.
    .~i want to meet a person who struggles and fights whit and for his or her life. someone who refuses to give up because there is a ditch in the road and is willing to get dirty getting over or through it. i mean - i have spent the past few years searching. for myself. for my beliefs. for my future. however, in that time i found more than what i was looking for. i found an outstanding quality in almost everyone i meet. i find the ability to learn, and to grow, and to accept. while that everyday, ordinary person is fighting for what HE OR SHE belives in, deeply and truly. no matter what he or she does, he or she just keeps going. he or she never gives up. almost as if he or she does not know the word 'surrender'. that it the person whose story i wnat to know, whose persence i want to experience. i believe the fate of the future rests in the hands of people like that. i want to be one of those people. they are my heroes.

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2004-02-02 13:24 (link)
dude. like, whoa. that was awesome

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2004-02-02 13:26 (link)
i just remembered that if you do this exchange thingy then you won't be able to come to my party and we're not gonna see eachother for, lke, ever! so, no, it sucks. bad llama.

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