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Marion Martin (lawrencesem) wrote,
@ 2012-05-17 03:26:00
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    3 Steps of Feng Shui in the Bedroom
    Feng Shui is a Chinese system of environment management which had been developed certain 40 centuries ago with the rise of Chinese civilisation. One of the facets of the lessons to enhance the many facets of a person's existence. These aspects include the wealth, health, relationship and personal lucks.

    In the practise of feng shui, it's general to work found on the whole property within the location to the fine information of the bedroom. However, just functioning just found on the bedroom is an exception. It can function because an independent unit for a single person or because a happening exercise. Admittedly, the benefits are not as wise because doing the feng shui of the entire property however it's simple and simple to implement. The most significant thing is the fact that, it can be quickly completed by we with confidence as a result of the simplicity.

    There is the choice - you are able to choose the particular kind of benefit you need to enhance. The eight house formula allows this center. The kind of benefit includes improvement in - wealth health, relationship and personal lucks.
    Why feng shui in the bedroom?

    It is not just about functioning feng shui in the one area however more importantly, the individual is fixed about a bed for at minimum 7 to 8 hours a day. Whatever the change in the surroundings, regardless how little, it might affect the static body as a result of the lifetime of time there.

    The environment could be changed easily as a result of the size and style - it's simply one area. Also, decoration of the bedroom influences the sub-conscious mind.

    This is a simple 3 step process. Choose one of the 4 lucks because this is the theme of the bedroom - wealth, health, relationship or personal.

    Step One - Prepare the bedroom:

    Clear the room thoroughly. Dust and clean all surfaces particularly the areas beneath the bed. When the area is restored making sure clutter couldnot begin to accumulate. This clearance is to remove all old power and allows the energy to begin re-circulating again.

    Tidy up the costume, compartments and the outfitting table. Everything need its place.
    You may find the room energised and a thinking becomes clearer.

    The area comes alive!

    Step Two - Re-decorate the room:

    The ideal colors for the walls are our planet tones including beige. Should the room have a powerful colour like black, deep blue, bright red or yellow, it may be an idea to re-paint it to an earth tone. You probably improve rest.

    Images and signs
    Have images and signs of your aspirations that are consistent with the chance need selected - wealth, health, relationship or personal.

    For example
    Wealth - unique house, unique auto, an exotic vacation location.
    Health - a healthy we
    Relationship - kind of person or unique person?
    Personal - a goals in life

    Step Three - Choosingthe Luck:

    Having decided found on the kind of chance we wish, you have got to work out a kua number. This is based in your date of birth. From a kua number, there are 4 different compass directions that relate to a wealth, health, relationship and personal directions. This info is dependent found on the 8 apartment formula.

    Position of the bed,
    With the selected way, point a bed to that way. There are 8 possible compass directions - the four cardinal directions of North, South, East, West and the sub-cardinal directions of North east, North west, South east, South West.

    A straightforward 3 step process to feng shui a bedroom. Select one of the aspirations of wealth, health, relations and personal aspects. The steps guide we in the implement the process. Treat it because the first step to changes of your existence.

    (c) Copyright - Dr Michael Oon. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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