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lavendarglass (lavendarglass) wrote,
@ 2003-11-21 13:49:00
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    work & other things

    first off, let me just say that ... i'm sleepy. =)

    i just returned from dr. chow's office where i shadowed ann for most of the morning. its friday so the office is more or less closed because the doctor isn't there which meant a good opportunity for me to get to know a few things ... except ann was a bit busy so i tried to learn on my own. basically i just did some labelling on the cases, answered the phone, signed for parcels and went through their database. ann's really nice to me, i find it easy to chat with her in chinese - she's quite funny because she'd be joking around.

    ann: "so win's your sister ... that name sounds familiar .. wait, is your mom ...? (gives name)"
    me: "yeah"
    ann: "OH! so that's your mom! ah, you do resemble her!"
    me: "..." ^^;;;

    apparently, my mom's infamous in the office. she's one of their long time clients and uh, i guess you can say we're family to dr. chow.

    ann: "so why are you working so hard? you're so young, you should be out dating and having fun!"
    me: (just took a sip of water and trying to not choke)"uh ... well, no one's interested"
    ann: "hah! don't say that. no no, that's not true. you just don't want them right?"
    me: (pensive smile) "i'm just trying to get back into school that's all"
    ann: "you're so young but you're already out on your own. must be hard huh?"
    me: (laughing because i feel like such a kid) "yeah but its nice to be independent"
    ann: "where are you going afterwards? shopping? friends?"
    me: "i'm ... going to work at 3pm to 11pm"
    ann: "... what? you have work today?"
    me: "yup"
    ann: "aiya! you should go out and have fun"
    me: (thinking we've just been through this?) "it's okay, i don't mind"
    ann: "you've all known dr. chow for a long time huh?"
    me: "yeah i think i've known him since when i was in my mommy's tummy"
    ann: (laughing) "oh wow! he watched you all grow up!"

    ann was kind to let me leave around noon and i headed to the supermarket below to buy a few things for groceries. so i headed home to make udon and gyozas for lunch and to bring to work later. i'm a bit tired now. it's friday for the rest of the world but to me, it's really only wednesday.

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2003-11-21 19:00 (link)
"Dating and having fun"? I don't know about you, but I prefer a nice game to emerse myself in for fun.

A significant other is not the goal in life, but rather complements ones life. But if you're looking, I know this 'club' that is just full of single asian guys. LOL

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2003-11-21 20:03 (link)
I know this 'club' that is just full of single asian guys
err, haha thanks but ... no thanks. =) UNLESS they happen to be about age 29-35 yrs so we can introduce them to my older sister. and just what kind of club is this? haha

but you're right about the significant other comment. for many women though, i find their main goal in life is to find a "good catch".

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2003-11-24 01:33 (link)
Not interested? Don't worry, I don't blame you.. I'm not interested in them either. =P But since you asked, the people are mostly in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, so that does include the age range for your sister. The club is a "young professionals" club. Personally, I don't know what that means, but generally they hold functions like volleyball, badminton, singles' night, dance events at clubs, bbqs in the summer, etc.

For me, my goal in life is to go through life content and happy. Finding someone who shares that same main goal in their life would be a plus for me, but not a necessity... needless to say, I still have yet to find that someone.

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2003-11-25 03:04 (link)
where's this club held at? i could tell my sister about it.

and doesn't your girlfriend share the same goals as you?

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2003-11-25 20:54 (link)
That's a great question. I have no idea if the club has an official 'location' per se... there's a website though. It's

My girlfriend seems to be very focused on the idea of being married, having children, growing old, and then dying. Everything in between doesn't seem to matter too much to her. Whereas I like to just do things that make me content. Having a family is not a priority, but more like a means to happiness. Chances are, I probably will settle down with someone, but I still haven't found that someone yet.

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2003-11-26 00:45 (link)
Trident Society looks like a fun club for singles in 30s to join when I checked out their gallery and biographies on their website. I am not good at socialization with people, so this club will not suitable for me even if I am in my 30s.

I like your philosophy of finding a suitable spouse, Juky. I mean I will live with that person for the rest of my life; therefore, I hope we can live happy and have a healthy relationship. In addition to your philosophy, I will try my best to make my spouse happy and content rather than myself because that is the person I love.


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2003-11-22 13:39 (link)
"aiya! ho sum nei la... go out more and date a bunch of guys. you are young ar ma!" ::pretending to be Ann in my high-pitch voice:: ::cough:: ::cough::

Udon & Gyozas for lunch?! Oishii desune! :9

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2003-11-23 04:23 (link)
actually it was more like ... "aiya, nei gum ho saing dim guy em huy pak toy ah?"

hahah! wow hagi, you have a lady's voice!

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