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Laura * (laurzee) wrote,
@ 2004-09-09 21:40:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:young buck-thou shall

    heyy well that friday i last update i ended up going over hollie's then we walked to meet jakey and matt then came back to her house, then they left and carrie came over then fred called so him, rob, and potter came over, then shane, ant, and jason came over then they left, then the rest left and potter took me home, i got home at 1 which was a half hour late lol so since "i've been in so much trouble this summer" (lol) my mom took my phone away on saturday and sunday and gave it back sunday night lol she's so gay, saturday night linda had a birthday party it was mainly family, and julse of course, then steve came over, then family left and they stayed, steve left around 12 and jules slept over, sunday lauren came over then prizzo did =) we had fun lol then monday me lauren linda and mom and dave went shopping at king of prussia and thaaat was fun =) then i came home took a shower, straighened my hair, and went to sleep for school, the first day was tuesday =) i looove schooooool lol afterwards was a match i middle township, we won, then wednesday was school again =) then a home game against holy spirit and we loost bad, then today was school then a game at milville which we lost, i just took a shower and now i'm contemplating on what to wear tomorrow, i'm pretty sure i've got it figured out so i'm gonna go straighten my hair, tomorrow i think i'm gonna go to the prep dance or the buena vs. milville game at milville, i dunno, then a party hopefully then saturday=partyy lol well i'm gonna go but i'll update after the weekend sometime next week byee xoxo -laura

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