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Laura * (laurzee) wrote,
@ 2004-09-03 15:02:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:shorty wanna ride with me lol jules

    well friday i did go shopping all day and did pick up julsie on the way home, that night we just went out with freddie and andy for a couple hours, came home, and went to sleep, saturday i went with hollie to rowan, it was actually kinda gay.. but anyway, sunday i had to stay home because my mom's boyfriend's family was coming over, once the left i went over britt's because her bay was wednesday and she had a party, it was just me lauren jules carrie maria steph and vince and his friends but it was a lot of fun, all we did was play flip up and beer pong, but don't worry i did learn my lesson, i hardly drank, me and carrie left with adam for like an hour, the next day me and julse skipped tennis, shhh lol and britt skipped cheerleading, at like 2 i think i came home, i just slept all day and night, then tuesday i went out with freddie and karl for a little bit then came home, got ready again then went over ant's with shane and hollie, then linda picked me up with ron and i went over prizzo's and we slept there, then wednesday we had a scrimmage at 9am, i came home got ready and such then steveeeee came over and we went to the mall and picked up hollie and went to friendlies then i got into a fight with my mom on the phone so i had to come homeee, but it's okay yesterday jules came over, we had tennis from 2:30-4:30 so we went to that, came back, got ready, then went out with adam and justin for like an hour or so, came home, got unready lol and watched the butterfly effect, it was reallly good, then we went to sleep, and today we had a scrimmage at salem hs at 9am, and i just got home like a half hour ago, it was so loong and horrible, well i'm gonna go get a shower now and eat soo i'll update again soon byee xoxo laura

    ahh school starts tuesday!

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