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Laura (laurie332) wrote,
@ 2002-11-29 21:25:00
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    I have been awake far too long. The legal studies exam was extremely easy. I remember one sentence I wrote: 'The lack of formal procedures in mediation allow the parties to articulate their ideas with greater clarity.' Wanker. Went for a walk with Mitch (boyfriend) to Ashmore City Shopping Centre, where he proceeded to buy me one of those teddy bears that you write on. The plan is to, next week, get everyone in our year group to sign their name on it, as well as our school shirts. On our way back to school we walked through the park where we used to sit after school some evenings, and my $30 watch that I bought yesterday, count it - yesterday - fell off somewhere. We walked up and down for an hour but it is gone for good. I am destined to wander the Earth watchless for the rest of my days. Mitch caught the school bus to my place at 4.00, and then he did a bit of tidying up, while I played SIMS (human simulator-type thingy computer game I am addicted to!). He's getting all excited because he's moving in with me next Friday. Yes, I'm excited too, but I think if I think about it too much, I'll explode. So he's running around the place tidying and cleaning and rearranging. He was walking around Crazy Clark's in Ashmore City today going, "Ooh, towels, ooh, dinner trays". I really, REALLY love him! I finished my drama assignment, so I've just got the fluffy bits to do on my History and Health Ed. left. Mum says she is going to hire out 'Bridget Jones's Diary' for me, and then we can copy it. I promise, when I'm rich, I won't pirate. I have to go to the gym tomorrow at 11.00am but want to SLEEP! Guess what? While Mitch was still at school doing his Maths exam, this guy called Nathan texted me. He was in the same exam. It was quite weird, as I used to really fancy Nathan before I went out with Mitch, and I don't think he ever really got over me. Sweet! Anyway, I have to go do some cutting down on my Health Ed. assignment and read some more Bridget Jones (yes, I am obsessed at the moment) but before I do I just want to update you on what my plans are for next year, coz they changed (again) today. I am going to Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus) where my mum goes, and Mitch is going to go, and do a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Public Relations and Writing, then I hope to get a cushy government office job. Mitch is going to do the same (job type, that is), but he's doing civil engineering and I.T. (wanker!). Alright, I'm going to bed...again...

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