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Laura (laurie332) wrote,
@ 2002-12-01 07:10:00
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    Well, the last week has been surprisingly uneventful. I don't feel any different now than I did as a Year 12 but that's just probably me failing as usual. Graduation on Friday was pathetic - really inefficient and badly organised. Mitch and I had a huge fight about his mother (surprise, surprise) right before we were supposed to go into the Church, but then I grabbed his hand at the last minute, kissed him and said, 'I love you', and we walked in together. It was really hot and uncomfortable in there. I will always remember that, when I went up for Communion, there was a tampon on the floor in front of Sister Nancy. It was typical. On the exit, I put my arm round Mitch's shoulder and he around my waist and we walked out to a special loud cheer all our own. Mitch has slept over twice to date. The new system is great, but it makes the days go really fast. Me, Magda, Mitch, Michael and Paul went into Schoolies last night at 7.30. It was alright, but there were no bloody toilets ANYWHERE!!!!! Mitch and I had ANOTHER fight (surprise, surprise) despite the fact that I asked him to marry me on the Simulator and he said yes. This isn't as exciting as it sounds because we already got engaged on May 21st this year, but I broke it off in October. So now we are back on! But I cannot find my bloody ring and it is upsetting me. Anyway...there were loads of couples having sex on the beach so we thought we'd join them. After much persuasion on my part, Mitchellan and I had sex on the beach twice. Great! We got home at 3.45am...

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